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Kinase Selectivity Profiling System: General Panel

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
V6928, V6929

Literature # TM421

The Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems are ideal for profiling lead-compound kinase inhibitors against a broad panel of kinases to better understand inhibitor activity and obviate any off-target effects. These systems include kinase and substrate pairs organized in an easy-to-use 8-tube strip format and optimized for fast and simple kinase-profiling reactions. The General Panel (24 Kinases) contains a broad range of kinases representative of the human kinome. The Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems offer kinases grouped either in single kinase family strips or as a general panel of kinases representative of the human kinome for a broad kinase profile. Each system can be used to generate compound selectivity profiles at one concentration for up to 20 compounds or as a dose-response curve for two compounds against each kinase. Each profiling system contains the reagents needed to complete the profile, including kinase reaction buffer, eight kinases in each multiwell strip and eight corresponding substrates and cofactors in another multiwell strip. The Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems are optimized for performance in a 384-well plate and are well suited for high-throughput kinase selectivity profiling and automated setup.

Printed in USA. Revised 7/15