GoTaq® Probe qPCR Master Mix Technical Manual

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A6101, A6102

Literature # TM378

The GoTaq® Probe qPCR Master Mix is optimized for quantitative PCR assays in the hydrolysis probe detection format. The master mix is provided as a ready-to-use, stabilized 2X formulation that includes all components for qPCR (except template, primers and probe). This master mix does not contain a reference dye; however, a separate tube of carboxy-X-rhodamine (CXR) reference dye is included with this system, allowing you to add reference dye to amplification reactions if desired.

The GoTaq® Probe qPCR Master Mix provides resistance to a wide range of PCR inhibitors. This formulation uses antibody-mediated hot-start chemistry, allowing reaction setup to be performed at room temperature. The master mix also employs rapid hot-start activation and processive enzymes, making it compatible with both standard and fast instrument cycling programs.

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