6 x 5 LC-MS/MS Peptide Reference Mix

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V7491, V7495

Literature # TM425

The 6 × 5 LC-MS/MS Peptide Reference Mix is designed for use in method development and optimization, and for routine liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) instrument performance monitoring. The 6 × 5 LC-MS/MS Peptide Reference Mix is a mixture of 30 peptides: 6 sets of 5 isotopologues of the same peptide sequence. The isotopologues differ only by the number of stable, heavy-labeled amino acids incorporated into the sequence. The labeled amino acids consist of uniform 13C and 15N atoms. Each of the isotopologues is indistinguishable chemically and chromatographically. However, since they differ in mass, the isotopologues are clearly resolved by mass spectrometry. To assist in data processing, we provide a complementary software tool, the 6 × 5 LC-MS/MS Peptide Reference Mix Analysis (PReMiS™) Software.

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