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6x5 Peptide Reference Mix Software (PReMiS™)

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The PReMiS™ Software analyzes mass spectrometric data collected from the 6×5 LC-MS/MS Peptide Reference Mix run either neat or spiked into complex backgrounds. It calculates values for parameters to report on LC-MS/ MS instrument performance. Data collected from Thermo (.raw files) or AB Sciex (.wiff and associated files) instruments can be analyzed directly. Other data formats must be converted to .mzML prior to analysis.

In addition to the general reporting features, the software allows you to track performance over time, enabling a clear assessment of trends to pinpoint poor performance and maintenance needs. For laboratories that have multiple instruments, the ability to compare parameters across instruments is also available.

Thermo (.raw) and AB Sciex (.wiff) data can be imported directly. Other data formats can be imported after conversion to .mzML. You may need to download MS FileReader. See more information on data file formats and MS FileReader.

For more information about the 6×5 Peptide Reference Mix and the PReMiS™ Software, see the technical manual.

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