HisLink™ Protein Purification Resin Technical Bulletin

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
V8821, V8823

Literature # TB327

HisLink™ Protein Purification Resin is a macroporous silica resin modified to contain a high level of tetradentate-chelated nickel (>20mmol Ni/ml settled resin) for efficient capture and purification of bacterially expressed polyhistidine- or HQ-tagged proteins. This resin also may be used for general applications that require an immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) matrix. HisLink™ Resin may be used in either column or batch purification formats. Gravity feed of a cleared lysate over a HisLink™ column is sufficient for complete capture and efficient elution of polyhistidine- or HQ-tagged proteins; however, the resin also may be used with vacuum filtration devices (e.g., the Vac-Man® Vacuum Manifold, Cat.# A7231) to allow simultaneous processing of multiple columns. HisLink™ Resin also is an excellent choice for affinity purification using low- to medium-pressure liquid chromatography systems such as fast performance liquid chromatography (FPLC). In batch format, HisLink™ Resin may be separated easily from the lysate without filtration, allowing processing of larger quantities of lysate and purification of protein from lysate that has not been cleared of insoluble cellular debris.

Printed in USA. Revised 7/13.