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RiboMAX™ Large Scale RNA Production Systems—SP6 and T7 Technical Bulletin

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
P1280, P1300

Literature # TB166

The RiboMAX™ Large Scale RNA Production Systems—SP6 and T7 (Cat.# P1280, P1300) are designed for applications that require milligram quantities of biologically active RNA transcripts. In vitro transcription reactions that produce large amounts of RNA are potentially valuable for in vitro translation; synthesis of tRNA, rRNA, other small functional RNAs, RNA virus genomes and ribozymes; production of substrates for studies of RNA splicing, RNA secondary structure, antisense RNA and RNA-protein interactions; as well as oocyte injections and mammalian transfection assays.

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Printed in USA. Revised 4/19

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