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Easy-to-Use, Intelligent Laboratory Freezers and Cabinets

Smart, On-site Stocking - Reduce paperwork. Save time and money. Avoid delays.

With Helix® freezers, refrigerators and cabinets, you get reliable 24/7 access to the products you need when and where you need them.

Reduce Your Paperwork: The RFID-enabled Helix® technology automatically detects which products are taken from the freezer, refrigerator or cabinet and re-orders product when inventory is low.

Save Time and Money: By stocking the products you use in your department or lab, you save money by eliminating shipping costs, reducing time spent tracking and managing inventory, and minimizing waste.

Avoid Delays: No delays while you wait for an order. No disasters when you run out of a key reagent. No need to waste time finding and ordering products. You can focus on your work.

1. Register Online  2. Open Helix®
3. Unit Scans and IDs Purchases  4. Updates Inventory and Creates Invoice
Read "Maximizing Lab Efficiency Via On-Site Stocking"

Easier Product Access, Tracking and Inventory Management

Powered by time-tested RFID technology, Helix® units take away the headaches of on-site product access, inventory management and invoicing. You choose the products to stock in your unit and can easily change the stock to adapt to your changing needs.

The unique touchscreen interface and mobile app make it easy to access the Helix® unit, add products to the unit or to email protocols and MSDS documents directly from the unit.

Helix® can be quickly configured to suit the requirements of your eProcurement system and inventory management processes—providing seamless automated integration.

Storerooms benefit from the Helix® system's precise inventory tracking, elimination of shipping fees, and customizable integration with eProcurement and inventory management systems.

The unique touchscreen interface makes it easy to check what's in the Helix® unit.

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Request access to Helix®
Request access to Helix®

Registration is easy. Request access today.

Request access to Helix®
The Helix® Collection
The Helix® Collection

Helix® freezers, refrigerators and ambient storage cabinets are available in a range of sizes. Pick the option that meets your lab's needs.

The Helix® Collection
How Helix® Helps
How Helix® Helps

Review testimonials to see how Helix® has helped simplify the business of science.

How Helix® Helps
eProcurement Integration
eProcurement Integration

Helix® offers several options for integration with both marketplace and in-house eProcurement systems. Talk to our experts to configure Helix® with your purchasing process.

eProcurement Integration
Resources + Guides
Resources + Guides

See how Helix® works.

Resources + Guides
Contact Helix®
Contact Helix®

Contact the Helix® support team for questions about units, inventory, replenishment shipments, or passes.

Contact Helix®
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