Nucleic Acid Purification

DNA and RNA purification products for clinical research labs include manual and automated systems that speed and simplify isolation of high-quality nucleic acids for use in downstream analyses.

Products include kits for isolation of DNA from common clinical sample types, including blood, saliva fresh/frozen tissue and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. Kits optimized for isolation of DNA, RNA, circulating cell-free DNA, miRNA or viral total nucleic acids are available.

The Maxwell® Instruments and associated kits provide automated isolation of nucleic acids from 1-48 samples in under an hour with minimal hands-on pre-processing time. These cartridge-based automated systems increase speed and consistency in sample processing, and free up time for other tasks. Manual ReliaPrep™ DNA and RNA purification kits in this collection provide a convenient and fast membrane-based method for purification of DNA or RNA from blood, tissue or FFPE samples.

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