Automated Sample Preparation for Fecal Microbiome Samples

This webinar is Part 1 of the three-part Microbiome Webinar Series. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Benefits of an automated purification workflow
  • Using automated sample prep to purify microbiome DNA


Fecal microbiome characterization is a rapidly evolving field based on continued development of downstream assays. Complex analyses such as next-generation sequencing can enhance data quality by measuring the abundance of various bacterial species. Many extraction methods for fecal microbiome DNA involve several manual processing steps and mechanical disruption. In this webinar we will discuss the use of automated sample preparation to efficiently purify microbiome DNA for characterization in downstream assays including qPCR and next-generation sequencing.

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Doug Horejsh, PhD
Senior Research Scientist

Douglas Horejsh is a Senior Research Scientist in the Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis Division of Research & Development at Promega Corporation. He is interested in development of nucleic acid purification systems to yield high quality nucleic acids from challenging starting samples. His group develops purification chemistries in manual and large instrument formats, along with fluorescent dyes for nucleic acid detection.

Prior to joining Promega, Douglas was a clinical lab director for a molecular pathology company in Virginia. His work focused on identification, evaluation, validation, and integration of IVD and LDT assays in a clinical lab setting.  He also managed BSL-3 facilities and led research on emerging/biodefense pathogens. 

Douglas has authored 20 journal articles and is an inventor of issued world and Italian patents.  He received his Ph.D. in 2001 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and trained as a post-doc at the Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore, MD.

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