Sample preparation tools for robust, reliable and accurate mass spec protein characterization and proteomic analysis

  • How to achieve efficient protein extraction, solubilization and digestion
  • How to avoid unwanted side effects such as non-specific cleavages, non-enzymatic proteinmodification and extensive trypsin autoproteolysis
  • How to complete the entire protein sample preparation in-gel and in-solution within 1h
  • How to improve peptide recovery in in-gel protein digestion
  • How to increase protein sequence coverage using novel proteases
  • How to assure proper instrument performance


This webinar will offer solutions to common shortcomings of protein mass spec sample preparation and discuss the advantages of our tools and reagents to achieve robust, reliable and accurate protein and proteome characterization with mass spectrometry. We will review the application of our tools and reagents to improve in-solution and in-gel protein digestion and biotherapeutic protein characterization with peptide mapping.



Sergei Saveliev, PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Promega Corporationt

The primary focus of Dr. Saveliev’s work is development of sample preparation tools and reagents for biotherapeutic protein mass spec characterization and proteomic analysis. His efforts are directed toward identifying solutions for efficient proteolysis and suppressing of side effects of protein mass spec sample preparation, development of novel proteases for improved sequence coverage, reagents to enhance protein extraction and solubilization and standards for method development and instrument performance monitoring. In this development, Dr. Saveliev closely collaborate with major biopharma analytical and academic research groups. Dr. Saveliev is the author of numerous publications dedicated to innovative approaches for biotherapeutic protein characterization and proteomic analysis. He also has a prior experience in broader areas of life sciences with publications in genomics, enzymology and microbiology.

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