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Nucl. Acids Res. 34, 5631-5637. Specific binding of a hexanuclotide to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: a novel class of bioactive molecule. 2006

Meschalchin, Alessdandra, Wünsche, W. Laufer, S.D., Grohmann, D., Restle, T., Sczakiel, G.

Notes: The authors describe the highly specific binding of a hexanucleotide Hex-S3 to the large subunit of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. They expressed the RTs of various HIV strains and equine infectious anemia virus RT, as well as the p51 subunit of HIV-1 RT, in E. coli, then purified the enzyme. Enzyme concentrations were determined using an extinction coefficient at 280nm of 140000 M-1 cm-1. All RTs studied were determined to be free of nuclease contamination. The authors then studied the binding of a variety of hexanucleotides to these RTs. (3702)

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