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Clin. Can. Res. 9, 1053-1056. A cancer-prone case with a background methylation of p16 tumor suppressor gene 2003

Hibi, K., Koike, M., Nakayama, H., Fujitake, S., Kasai, Y., Ito, K., Akiyama, S., Nakao, A.

Notes: DNA from human epithelium, blood, and tumor specimens was subjected to bisulfite treatment. Bisulfite-treated DNA was purified using Wizard® DNA purification resin. (2634)

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Clin. Can. Res. 9, 1370-1375. Gene promoter hypermethylation in tumors and lymph nodes of stage 1 lung cancer patients 2003

Harden, S.V., Tokumaru, Y., Westra, W.H., Goodman, S., Ahrendt, S.A., Yang, S.C., Sidransky, D.

Notes: Wizard® Resin was used to purify bisulfite treated genomic DNA from human lung cancer tumors and lymph nodes. (2648)

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Clin. Can. Res. 9, 1112-1117. High incidence of microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer 2003

Ashktorab, H., Smoot, D.T., Carethers, J. M., Rahmanian, M., Kittles, R., Vosganian, G., Doura, M., Nidhiry, E., Naab, T., Momen, B., Shakhani, S., Giardiello, F.M.

Notes: Genomic DNA was treated with bisulfite to convert unmethylated cytosines to uracil in order to analyze methylation of the p16 gene. Treated genomic DNA was purified using the Wizard® DNA Purification Resin. (2636)

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Clin. Can. Res. 8, 3468-3474. Screening of N-ras codon 61 mutations in paired primary and metastatic cutanteous melanomas: Mutations occur early and persist throughout tumor progression 2002

Omholt, K., Karsberg, S., Platz, A., Kanter, L., Ringborg, U., Hansson, J.

Notes: DNA was isolated from tumor tissue that had been manually dissected from paraffin blocks. After the tissue was deparaffinized and treated with proteinase K, Wizard® Resin was used to extract the DNA. (2585)

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J. Biol. Chem. 271, 5976-5979. Peroxynitrite inhibits glutamate transporter subtypes. 1996

Trotti, D. , Rossi, D. , Gjesdal, O. , Levy, L. M. , Racagni, G. , Danbolt, N. C. , Volterra, A.

Notes: Plasmid DNA purified with the Wizard® Plus Maxipreps DNA Purification System was used for sequencing and to transfect HeLa cells. (0235)

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