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Blood 89, 1896-1904. Human platelets display high-affinity receptors for thrombopoietin. 1997

Broudy, V.C., Lin, N.L., Sabath, D.F., Papayannopoulou, T. and Kaushansky, K.

Notes: In this study, Poly(A)+ RNA was isolated from B16 melanoma cell total RNA using the PolyATtract® mRNA Isolation System. The isolated RNA was used for cDNA library construction. The RNAgents® Total RNA Isolation System was used to isolate total RNA from HEL and K562 human erythroleukemia cells. The isolated RNA was used for RT-PCR. RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor was used in a very innovative fashion. Peripheral mononuclear cells isolated from blood were directly lysed in a hypotonic buffer containing the inhibitor. The lysates from these cells were used directly for RT-PCR. (2026)

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J. Cell Biol. 136(5), 1059-1070. Isoforms of ankyrin-3 that lack the NH2-terminal repeats associate with mouse macrophage lysosomes. 1997

Hoock, T.C., Peters, L.L. and Lux, S.E.

Notes: The inhibitor was used to protect RNA during RT-PCR. (2246)

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Genes Dev. 11, 3168-3181. Mediation of NGF signaling by post-translational inhibition of HES-1, a basic helix-loop-helix repressor of neuronal differentiation. 1997

Strom, A., Castella, P., Rockwood, J., Wagner, J., Caudy, M.

Notes: NGF was used in this study of neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells under a variety of conditions. Protein Kinase C was used to in vitro phosphorylate a bacterially expressed protein and the phospho protein was assayed by gel shift. Many details of the phosphorylation are provided. (0304)

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Cell 88(3), 385-392. Mutation of the Ca2+ channel b subunit gene Cchb4 is associated with ataxia and seizures in the lethargic (lh) mouse. 1997

Burgess, D.L., Jones, J.M., Meisler, M.H. and Noebels, J.L.

Notes: Poly(A)+ RNA was isolated from mouse brain total RNA and used for Northern analysis. The authors used Promega's PolyATtract® mRNA Isolation System, AMV Reverse Transcriptase and RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor in this study. (2104)

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J. Mol. Neurosci. 8, 29-44. On the role of the low-affinity neurotrophin receptor p75LNTR in nerve growth factor induction of differentiation and AP1 binding activity in PC12 cells. 1997

Kontny, E., Ciruela, F., Svenningsson, P., Ibáñez, C.F. and Fredholm, B.B.

Notes: The inhibitor was used to protect RNA during RT-PCR. 125I-NGF was produced and used to crosslink to cell surface proteins on PC12 cells. The NGF was also used to assay for neurite outgrowth of PC12 and two clonal variants. Cells were treated with NGF and nuclear extracts made and used to assay for AP1 binding activity. Tyrosine phosphorylation of PI kinase in response to NGF was assayed. Also, the concentration-dependent effect of NGF on the accumulation of 3H-inositol phosphate was examined in the PC12 cells. The bFGF was used to assay the induction of cell differentiation in the PC12 cell and a clonal variant. (1632)

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EMBO J. 16, 5784-5795. Plasmid rolling circle replication: identification of the RNA polymerase-directed primer RNA and requirement for DNA polymerase I for lagging strand synthesis. 1997

Kramer, M.G., Khan, S.A. , Espinosa, M.

Notes: The Altered Sites® II in vitro Mutagenesis System was used to create seven different mutant ssoA genes. The mutations also incorporated new restriction sites for easy screening. (0891)

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EMBO J. 16, 4361-4373. Remodeling of regulatory nucleoprotein complexes on the Xenopus hsp70 promoter during meiotic maturation of the Xenopus oocyte. 1997

Landsberger, N. and Wolffe, A.P.

Notes: The inhibitor was used to protect transcripts during a run-on transcription assay. (1638)

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J. Neurosci. 17, 6974-6987. Selective expression of insulin-like growth factor II in the songbird brain. 1997

Holzenberger, M., Jarvis, E.D., Chong, C., Grossman, M., Nottebohm, F. and Scharff, C.

Notes: T7 RNA Polymerase and SP6 RNA Polymerase were used to produce RNA probes labeled with digoxygenin-11-UTP. Transcripts were made in the presence of RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor in a standard transcription reaction. The ribonucleotides ATP, CTP and GTP were used at 1mM. Both UTP and digoxygenin-11-UTP were used at 0.5mM in the reaction. The RNA probe was used for in situ hybridization. (1563)

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J. Exp. Med. 185, 695-706. The Immunodominant Antigen of an Ultraviolet-induced Regressor Tumor Is Generated by a Somatic Point Mutation in the DEAD Box Helicase p68. 1997

Dubey, P., Hendrickson, R., Meredith, S., Siegel, C., Shabanowitz, J., Skipper, J., Engelhard, V., Hunt, D., Schreiber, H.

Notes: Promega's Taq DNA Polymerase, RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor, and fmol® DNA cycle Sequencing System were used in this study. (1952)

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J. Biol. Chem. 272, 20936-20944. The p38/Reactivating kinase mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade mediates the activation of the transcription factor insulin upstream factor 1 and insulin gene transcription by high glucose in pancreatic beta-cells. 1997

Macfarlane, W.M., Smith, S.B., James, R.F.L., Clifton, A.D., Doza, Y.N., Cohen, P., Docherty, K.

Notes: The AMV Reverse Transcriptase, RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor and Taq DNA Polymerase were used for RT-PCR to isolate a clone of the human insulin upstream factor 1, a transcription factor. The protein was expressed in vitro with the Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate and used for gel shift assays. Reporter studies were performed in MIN6 cells. (0762)

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Nucl. Acids Res. 24(5), 970-976. A binding factor for interleukin 2 mRNA. 1996

Hua, J. and Paetkau, V.

Notes: Jurkat cells, a human T lymphocyte line that can be induced to synthesize and secrete interleukin 2, contain a factor that binds interleukin 2 mRNA. The binding is sequence specific and occurs in the 3’-non-coding region, within 160nt of the end of the coding region, at or near a site on the mRNA that is rich in A and U residues. However, it appears not to be due to known AU binding factors. The factor is protease sensitive and binds non-covalently to interleukin 2 mRNA. It behaves like aprotein of molecular weight 50,000-60,000 after UV-induced cross-linking to the mRNA. Preparations of the binding factor also protect interleukin 2 mRNA against degradation by a recently described RNasin-resistant endoribonuclease activity in Jurkat cells. Protection occurs under the same conditions required to generate the gel-retarded complex. (1645)

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J. Clin. Invest. 97(7), 1761-1766. CD40 expression by human peripheral blood eosinophils. 1996

Ohkawara, Y., Xing, K., Glibetic, M., Nakano, K., Dolovich, J., Croitorus, K., Weller, P. and Jordana, M.

Notes: These authors used Promega's AMV Reverse Transcriptase, RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor and Taq DNA Polymerase in this study. (2061)

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Immunity 5, 253-262. Cytotoxic T Cell-Resistant Variants Are Selected in a Virus-Induced Demyelinating Disease. 1996

Pewe, L., Wu, G., Barnett, E., Castro, R., Perlman, S.

Notes: Promega's Taq DNA Polymerase, fmol® DNA Cycle Sequencing System and RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor were used in this study. (1954)

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Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93, 15180-15184. Estrogen-induced transcription of the progesterone receptor gene does not parallel estrogen receptor occupancy. 1996

Lee, Y. and Gorski, J.

Notes: Promega's Taq DNA Polymerase, RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor and M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase were used in this study. (2003)

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J. Clin. Invest. 98(8), 1851-1859. Prevention of adoptively transferred diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice with IL-10-transduced islet-specific Th1 lymphocytes: A gene therapy model for autoimmune diabetes. 1996

Moritani, M., Yoshimoto, K., Ii, S., Kondo, M., Iwahana, H., Yamaoka, T., Sano, T., Nakano, N., Kikutani, H. and Itakura, M.

Notes: Promega's RQ1 RNase-Free DNase, M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase and RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor were used in this study. (2020)

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FEBS Lett. 343(1), 11-14. Modulation of cytosolic RNase activity by endogenous RNase inhibitor in rat vaginal epithelial cells on estradiol administration. 1994

Rao, K.S., Sirdeshmukh, R. and Gupta, P.D.

Notes: The cytosolic, alkaline RNase in rat vaginal epithelial cells (VEC) from normal, immature rats was found to be present largely in free, active form unlike in many other mammalian tissues where it is known to be present in a latent form as a complex with RNase inhibitor (RNasin). Estradiol (E2) administration induced expression of RNasin activity in the VEC from such animals and caused virtually total inhibition of cytosolic RNase activity in these cells by 12 h after hormone injection. These changes may have metabolic implications in relation to other biochemical events stimulated by estradiol in rat VEC. (1647)

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PCR Methods Appl. 3(6), 317-319. Rapid RT-PCR amplification from limited cell numbers. 1994

Edmands, S., Kirk, J., Lee, A., and Radich, J.

Notes: The inhibitor was used for protection of cells and colonies following RT-PCR. (1672)

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FEBS Lett. 328(3), 250-252. Endotoxin induces rat lung ribonuclease activity. 1993

Clerch, L.B., Wright, A. and Massaro, D.

Notes: Lipopolysaccharide (endotoxin), a component of gram-negative bacteria, causes marked alterations in eukaryotic gene expression and cellular physiology. We show that within one hour of injection of endotoxin into adult rats, there is an induction of ribonuclease activity in the lung. The degradation of RNA was prevented by treatment of the lung extract from endotoxin-injected rats with ribonuclease inhibitor (RNasin). We suggest that induction by endotoxin of ribonuclease activity is a novel mechanism by which cells could alter gene expression to meet an environmental challenge and caution that the presence of ribonuclease can hinder molecular biological analyses of tissue extracts from endotoxin-treated rats. (1644)

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Genes Dev. 6, 1740–51.

Concentration-dependent activities of the even-skipped protein in Drosophila embryos.


Manoukian, A.S., Krause, H.M,

Notes: RNasin Ribonuclease Inhibitor was used in the mRNA and protein localization steps. (4183)

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J. Biol. Chem. 267, 21982-21986. Angiogenin is a cytotoxic, tRNA-specific ribonuclease in the RNase A superfamily. 1992

Saxena, S.K., Rybak, S.M., Davey, R.T., Jr, Youle, R.J., and Ackerman, E.J.

Notes: Protein synthesis was restored to angiogenin-injected oocytes by injecting RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor plus total Xenopus or calf liver tRNAs. (1635)

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J. Biol. Chem. 266(31), 21208-21214. Comparison of RNases and toxins upon injection into Xenopus oocytes. 1991

Saxena, S.K., Rybak, S.M., Winkler, G., Meade, H.M., McGray, P., Youle, R.J. and Ackerman, E.J.

Notes: Recombinant angiogenin injected into oocytes abolished protein synthesis, and this toxic effect was inhibited by RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor. (2248)

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