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Genetics 149, 217-231. Genes expressed in the ring gland, the major endocrine organ of Drosophila melanogaster. 1998

Harvie, P.D., Filippova, M., Bryant, P.J.

Notes: In an enhancer-trap experiment, the Anti β-Galactosidase mAb was used for immunostaining to identify mutants that carry insertions of a β-Galactosidase reporter gene near an enhancer element that enhances the expression in the ring gland of Drosophila. T4 DNA ligase, Taq DNA Polymerase and Proteinase K were also used in the studies. (1067)

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J. Biol. Chem. 272, 30329-30333. Molecular cloning of a new aquaporin from rat pancreas and liver. 1997

Koyama, Y., Yamamoto, T., Kondo, D., Funaki, H., Yaoita, E., Kawasaki ,K., Sato, N., Hatakeyama, K. and Kihara, I.

Notes: The AQP8 protein was expressed in vitro using the TNT® Coupled Reticulocyte Lysate System in the presence of Canine Microsomal Membranes. The protein demonstrated an increase in molecular weight in the presence of the membranes. Promega's pGEM®-T Vector System and Proteinase K were also used. (1624)

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