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Veterinary Microbiology 175, 319–324. Revisiting bovine pyometra—new insights into the disease using a culture-independent deep sequencing approach. 2015

Knudsen, L.R., Karstrup, C.C., Pedersen, H.G., Agerholm, J.S., Jensen, T.K. and Klitgaard, K.

Notes: The authors purified DNA from endometrial biopsy samples using a modified protocol and the Maxwell® 16 Instrument and Maxwell® 16 Blood DNA Purification Kit. (4909)

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Blood Cells Mol. Dis. 46, 139-144. Application of MLPA assay to characterize unsolved α-globin gene rearrangements. 2011

Colosimo, A,. Gatta, V., Guida, V., Leodori, E., Foglietta, E., Rinaldi, S., Cappabianca, M.P., Amato, A., Stuppia, L., and Dallapiccola, B.

Notes: These authors used the Maxwell® 16 Blood DNA Purification Kit to isolate genomic DNA from leukocytes. (4210)

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J. Dairy Sci. 94, 3159-3165. Technical note: Comparative analyses of the quality and yield of genomic DNA from invasive and noninvasive, automated and manual extraction methods.

Foley, C., O'Farrelly, C., and Meade, K.G.

Notes: These authors compared the performance of automated DNA purification using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument with manual methods. DNA yield and quality from milk, blood (buffy coat), and semen samples from cattle were evaluated. The Maxwell® 16 System performed best, consistently generating high quantity and quality DNA across the sample range tested. (4213)

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Ann. Oncol. 20, 879-884. The importance of KRAS mutations and EGF61A>G polymorphism to the effect of cetuximab and irinotecan in metastatic colorectal cancer. 2009

Garm Spindler, K.L., Pallisgaard ,N., Rasmussen, A.A., Lindebjerg, J., Andersen, R.F., Crüger, D., and Jakobsen, A.

Notes: These authors used the Maxwell® 16 System to isolate genomic DNA from whole blood and normal colonic tissue samples. The DNA was used in genotype analysis, testing for wildtype and mutant KRAS genes, and for various EGFR-related polymorphisms. The results were used in a research study testing the relationship between various genotypes and response to different treatment regimens. (3961)

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Malaria Journal Oct 29:7, 223. A general SNP-based molecular barcode for Plasmodium falciparum identification and tracking. 2008

Daniels R, Volkman SK, Milner DA, Mahesh N, Neafsey DE, Park DJ, Rosen D, Angelino E, Sabeti PC, Wirth DF, Wiegand RC.

Notes: These authors used the Maxwell® 16 System to isolate DNA from frozen whole blood samples infected with Plasmodium falciparum. The isolated DNA was used in a qPCR-based SNP genotyping assay that sought to uniquely identify the parasites based on their SNP marker profile. (3962)

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Carcinogenesis 29, 1184-1191. Interaction of the cytochrome P4501A2, SULT1A1 and NAT gene polymorphisms with smoking and dietary mutagen intake in modification of the risk of pancreatic cancer. 2008

Suzuki, H., Morris, J.S., Li ,Y., Doll, M.A., Hein, D.W., Lium J., Jiao, L., Hassan, M.M., Day, R.S., Bondy, M.L., Abbruzzese, J.L., and Li, D.

Notes: In this study, the Maxwell® 16 Instrument was used to purify genomic DNA from blood samples. The extracted DNA was amplified by PCR for subsequent genotype analysis. (3902)

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