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Mol. Pharmacol. 66(6), 1415-1420. Doxorubicin Inhibits DNMT1, Resulting in Conditional Apoptosis. 2004

Yokochi, T., Robertson, K.D.

Notes: To study the effect of the DNA intercalating chemotherapy agent doxorubicin, the viability of HCT116 cells plated 105 cell/mL were tested over a titration of doxorubicin treatment for 48 hours. Using the CellTiter 96® Aqueous Cell Non-Radioactive Cell Viability Assay, the researchers found that increasing concentrations of the drug caused increasing cytotoxicity. However, testing for caspase activation with the Caspase-Glo™ 3/7 assay revealed that apoptosis was only induced in a narrow window of these concentrations. This helped elucidate the mechanism of apoptosis induction in doxorubicin treated cells. (3214)

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J. Biol. Chem. 279, 48434–48442. Nuclear import of proinflammatory transcription factors is required for massive liver apoptosis induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharide. 2004

Liu, D., Li, C., Chen, Y., Burnett, C., Liu, X.Y., Downs, S., Collins, R.D., and Hawiger, J.

Notes: The Caspase-Glo® 3/7, -8 and -9 Assays were used to  measure Caspase-3, -8, and -9 activities in mouse liver homogenates. The authors describe a modified procedure for making liver homogenates in a hypotonic extraction buffer.  Homogenates were cleared with a 15 minute spin at 13,000 x g and normalized to a 1mg/ml concentration before use the assays. Data comparing control and cSN50 peptide-treated animals at various time points are presented.  (3213)

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Assay Drug Dev. Technol. 2, 51-62. Use of multiple assay endpoints to investigate the effects of incubation time, dose of toxin, and plating density in cell-based cytotoxicity assays. 2004

Riss, T.L. and Moravec, R.A.

Notes: The effects of tamoxifen and vinblastine were assayed on HepG2 and HL-60 cells using a variety of Promega’s cell-based assays. The CellTiter-Glo® Luminescent Cell Viability Assay, CellTiter 96® AQueous One Solution Cell Proliferation Assay, and CellTiter-Blue® Cell Viability Assay were used to test the effects of 0-100µM tamoxifen on HepG2 cell viability after an incubation period ranging from 0-24 hours. Cell membrane integrity was assessed with the CytoTox-ONE™ Homogeneous Membrane Integrity Assay. The Caspase-Glo® 3/7 Assay was also used to measure Caspase 3/7 activity after 0-100µM tamoxifen treatment. (3189)

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