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Sci. Rep. 8(1), 5951. CD4 T cell autophagy is integral to memory maintenance. 2018

Murera D., Arbogast, F., Arnold, J., Bouis, D., Muller, S., and Gros, F.

Notes: In this study, lactate was quantified in culture supernatants from purified CD4+ T cells using the Lactate-Glo™ Assay. (5010)

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Neurochem. Int. 118, 286-291. Interstitial ion homeostasis and acid-base balance are maintained in oedematous brain of mice with acute toxic liver failure. 2018

Obara-Michlewska, M., Ding, F., Popek, M., Verkhratsky, A., Nedergaard, M., Zielinska, M. and Albrecht, J.

Notes: Concentration of lactate in microdialysates from brain cortex was measured using a luminometric Lactate-Glo™ Assay. (5005)

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Cancer Res. 77, 5591-5601. Monocarboxylate Transporter MCT1 Promotes Tumor Metastasis Independently of Its Activity as a Lactate Transporter. 2017

Payen, V.L., Hsu, M.Y., Rädecke, K.S., Wyart, E., Vazeille, T., Bouzin, C., Porporato, P.E. and Sonveaux, P.

Notes: Intracellular lactate concentration was determined on adherent cells in 96-well plates that were incubated for 30 minutes in 100μL of culture medium, washed with PBS, and lysed in situ. Samples were analyzed using the Lactate-Glo™ Assay. (4997)

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SLAS Discov 4, 366–377. Bioluminescent Assays for Glucose and Glutamine Metabolism: High-Throughput Screening for Changes in Extracellular and Intracellular Metabolites 2017

Leippe, D., Sobol, M., Vidugiris, G., Cali, J.J. and Vidugiriene, J.

Notes: The authors of this paper describe bioluminescent glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate assays suitable for high-throughput analysis of two major metabolic pathways in cancer cells: glycolysis and glutaminolysis. (4769)

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Oncotarget 8(40), 67567-67591. Effects of soluble CPE on glioma cell migration are associated with mTOR activation and enhanced glucose flux. 2017

Ilina, E., Armento, A., Sanchez, L.G., Reichlmeir, M., Braun, Y., Penski, C., Capper, D., Sahm, F., Jennewein, L., Harter, P.N., Zukunft, S., Fleming, I., Schulte, D., Le Guerroué, F., Behrends, C., Ronellenfitsch, M.W., Naumann, U., and Mittelbronn, M.


Notes: Carboxypeptidase E (CPE) regulates proliferation, migration and survival in several tumors. These authors showed that secreted CPE enhances glucose flux into the TCA cycle at the expense of lactate production, decreasing aerobic glycolysis. The Lactate-Glo™ and Glucose Uptake-Glo™ Assays were used to measure extracellular lactate in medium and glucose uptake, respectively.


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Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1863(12), 3254-3264. MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells fuel osteoclast metabolism and activity: A new rationale for the pathogenesis of osteolytic bone metastases. 2017

Lemma, S., Di Pompo, G., Porporato, P.E., Sboarina, M., Russell, S., Gillies, R.J., Baldini, N., Sonveaux, P., and Avnet, S.

Notes: These authors showed that lactate released by glycolytic breast carcinoma cells in the bone microenvironment promotes the formation of osteolytic lesions. They used the Lactate-Glo™ and Glucose-Glo™ Assays to measure lactate and glucose in the medium of cultured cells over time. (5021)

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