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Maxwell® 16 System Firmware

Please note the Maxwell® 16 System has been discontinued, but you can still contact our Technical Support team for assistance.

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Firmware Downloads


The Maxwell® 16 firmware contains the machine language necessary to run the Maxwell® 16 Instrument.

Each firmware upgrade is a single data file that contains all Maxwell® 16 automated method applications. The download contains the firmware file as well as instructions on how to install the firmware on your Maxwell® 16 Instrument.

Maxwell® 16 firmware can be updated from any PC computer (Microsoft Windows® 95 or higher) with an available serial port.

To identify which firmware version is currently installed on your Maxwell® 16 Instrument, please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the Maxwell® 16 Instrument
  2. Turn on the Maxwell® 16 Instrument
  3. Current version will display for 4-5 seconds

Note: The Maxwell® 16 System has been discontinued.

Firmware for Instrument Cat.# AS1000, AS2000, AS3000, AS3060

The latest firmware version offered for the Maxwell® 16 Instrument expands the instrument capabilities by supporting either standard elution (SEV) or low elution volume (LEV) formats.

Please refer to the AS1000 Technical Manual, AS2000 Technical Manual, AS3000 Technical Manual or AS3060 Technical Manual for a complete list of hardware accessories for each format, as well as instructions for re-configuring your Maxwell® Instrument.

Firmware for Instrument Cat.# AS2050, AS3050

The firmware version offered for the Maxwell® 16 Instrument, Model 2050 & 3050, is labeled in accordance with the EU directive 98/79/EC IVD, and includes the addition of a validated clinical mode for the SEV Blood Kit (AS1015) and the Total Viral Nucleic Acid Purification System (AS1155) as well as translation into English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

Please refer to the AS2050 Technical Manual and AS3050 Technical Manual for a complete list of hardware accessories, as well as instructions for re-configuring your Maxwell® instrument.