Maxwell® 16 Instrument (AS2000) Operating Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)

Literature # TM295

The Maxwell® 16 Instrument allows easy, low- to moderate-throughput automated purification of genomic DNA, total RNA or polyhistidine-tagged protein from a variety of sample types. The instrument is supplied with preprogrammed automated purification methods and is designed for use with predispensed reagent cartridges, maximizing simplicity and convenience. The instrument can process up to 16 samples in approximately 15–40 minutes(depending on sample type and method). Purified concentrated products are obtained at high quality and high yield and can be used directly in a variety of downstream applications.

The Maxwell® 16 Instrument can be set in either standard elution volume (SEV) configuration to process larger sample sizes and maximize yield, or in low elution volume (LEV) configuration to maximize purified sample concentration.

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