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Plexor® Analysis Software (Forensic Version) Release History

Version: 1.6.0
Release Date: December 17, 2014
Release Notes:

The following updates were made to the software that affect Plexor® HY users on supported instrument platforms:

  • Added function Use Master Template on Import. Provides option for automatic data processing and production of Forensics Report upon run data import.
  • Entry in "Operator" field is no longer required in Import New Run Wizard Step 2 - Run Info.
  • Fixed issue with presentation of Forensics Report Wizard in low-resolution display settings.
  • Fixed issue with presentation of Filename fields in Run Info Report. If an entry contains >64 characters a tooltip is presented when user curses over the field.
  • Fixed issue with saving Analysis File produced after importing data from HID/SDS2.0 including an incomplete list of Sample Names.

Release Date: February, 2013
Release Notes:

The following updates to the Plexor® Analysis Software will affect Plexor® HY users on supported instrument platforms:

  • New software installer implemented.
  • Added importers for:
    • ABI 7500 HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1.1/SDS Version 2
    • ABI StepOne™/StepOne Plus™
    • BioRad CFX (96 & 384)
    • Bio-Rad Chromo 4
    • Bio-Rad MiniOpticon
  • Entry in "Operator" field is required in Import New Run Wizard Step 2 – Run Info.
  • All instances of "Sample ID" have been changed to "Sample Name".
  • Added option to export/import Sample Names, Sample Type (e.g., STD, NTC), and STD concentration values from ABI 7500 SDS file (SDS 1.4 and prior).
    • From SDS export sample information using command File -> Export -> Sample Set-up.
    • In PAS import sample information using command "File -> Apply SDS Export File".
  • Added option to export/import Sample Names specified in ABI 7500 HID/SDS2 during run set-up.
    • From HID/SDS2 include "Sample Setup" as data export option during "Export Data" operation.
    • Sample Names are automatically applied during import into Plexor Analysis Software.
  • If changes are made to Sample Names (Sample Names Tab), Accept/Cancel Changes buttons will appear and the operation must be confirmed.
  • Revised options for saving and applying Run Templates or Analysis Templates:
    • The "Advanced Options" section of the Step 3 - File Import now shows whether a Default Template is defined for the Run or Analysis template. Clicking the Edit button will display the appropriate Template editor, in which user may select a template to be applied in subsequent import operations without opening the Template editor.
    • Template editors now have a "Defaults..." pulldown menu; includes functions to:
      • Save the currently defined template as the default template (Note that a newly defined template must be saved first, via the "Export: function);
      • Re-set template to the default template
      • Clear the default template.
    • The "Import" and "Export" buttons in the Template editors have been removed, and functions are now selected via the pulldown menu.
  • Run Template and Analysis Template may now be applied post-import:
    • Select "File -> Apply Run Template" or "File -> Apply Analysis Template".
  • Target names may be changed post-import:
    • Double-clicking on the dye sub-tab in PCR Curves window presents a "Change Target Name" dialog where the target can be re-specified.
  • Added function to automatically re-scale y-axis of PCR Curves graphs based on max/min values of selected well(s). Toggle function via "Windows -> Rescale Graphs From Selected Wells".
  • Added sort options for Graph Legends and Reports:
    • Samples can be sorted by any column in the Report.
    • Sorting by a secondary criterion can be done by holding the Shift key and clicking on another column. Shift-clicking multiple times will change from secondary sort ascending, to descending, to removing the secondary sort.
    • Samples may be sorted by plate position column or row. Default sort is by column (A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2...). Right-clicking on the Results table now displays a "Sort by Row" option that can be checked or unchecked (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3...).
  • Import Files Report removed; Import file(s) are specified in Run Info Report, including Run and Analysis Templates, if used.
  • Changed descriptions of [Auto] and [Y] and [Auto]/[Y] in the Forensics Report "Change columns shown" dialog box.
  • Forensics Report "Change columns shown options now include Auto Cq and Y Cq".
  • Forensic Report output (export, or print) now includes standard curve metrics - equations, R² values, and efficiency calculations.
  • Added option to include Standard Curve charts in printed Forensic Reports.
  • Added option to specify concentration in units of pg/ul. Default is ng/µl;
    • pg/µl may be specified as an alternative in "Set Normalization and IPC Parameters" wizard.
    • Added NOTE in Set STR Normalization Wizard to remind user to correctly specify concentration values/units for standards - "If STR Normalization targets are set to picograms, user must define standards using the same units (e.g., starting concentration in dilution series is 50,000 rather than 50)".
    • Added concentration units to column headers in Forensics Report for [Auto] & [Y].
  • Modified reporting of "Averages" in Forensics Report:
    • Right-clicking on the Forensics Report now displays a "Display Average Rows" option that can be checked or unchecked to display or hide "Averages" of replicate samples.
    • Average Rows are shown only for samples which have replicates (samples with identical Sample Name values). Single samples will have no Average Row displayed.
    • If "Display Average Rows" is selected, then values are reported only for Average Rows in STR Normalization-related columns (e.g., Dilutions Status, Volume, Dilution Factor).
  • Added functionality to cross-select samples between Forensics Report and PCR Curves tabs:
    • Samples (rows) selected in the Forensics Report will cause the same samples (wells) to be selected in the PCR Curves tab, and vice versa.
  • Increased significant digits in min/max sample DNA quantity selector in Set STR Normalization and IPC Parameters Wizard.
  • IPC Status algorithm was modified for samples or NTCs which show no amplification in the Auto assay (no Auto Cq). For such samples the reference used to check for IPC Cq shift (the reference Page 3 of 4 used for "IPC Expected Cq") is the lowest concentration standard (the standard with the highest Auto Cq; if replicates are run then the average is used). In previous versions the highest concentration standard was used as the reference.
  • Concentration values can be displayed using scientific notation or standard number format:
    • Right-clicking on each report or on in the Graph Legend in the PCR Curves tab now displays a "Scientific Notation" option that can be checked or unchecked.
    • Four (4) significant figures are reported.
  • Added option in Standard Curves graph to display only standards:
    • Right-clicking on the Standard Curves plot now displays a "Display Only Standards" option that can be checked or unchecked.
  • All instances of "Ct" have been changed to "Cq" (to conform to MIQE guidelines).
  • Removed "Select Previous Selection" option from Edit menu/PCR Curves tab; added "Clear selection" which results in de-selection of all wells.
  • Disabled ability to edit sample names in the Sample Details Report.
  • Removed sort and formatting options in the Run Info Report.
  • Changed text in "Adjust Expected Tm Value Wizard (PCR Curves Tab) to "Enter Target Value".
  • Added option to export primary data from Plexor Analysis Software to Excel ("File -> Export to Excel").

Release Date: June, 2007
Release Notes:

The following updates were made to the software that affect Plexor® HY users on supported instrument platforms:

  • Added data importers for:
    • Bio-Rad iQ™5
    • Roche LightCycler® 480
    • Corbett Rotor-Gene™ 6000
    • Eppendorf Mastercycler®
  • Added ability to specify "Second Expected Tm Region", analyze &report second melt peak metrics (e.g., Tm2?, Tm2 value, Tm Count columns in graph legend)
  • Added sample analysis &reporting options within Graph Legend windows in PCR Curves &Standard Curves tab and within Sample Report in Reports tab (additional metrics available; ability to add/remove/rearrange columns shown; ability to sort within column)
  • Added ability to view Melt Curves plots as raw data or Gaussian fit
  • Default standard curve plot changed to Ct (y-axis) vs (log) concentration (x-axis)
  • Standard curve efficiency calculation is displayed on standard curve graph
  • Added Tools menu with associated functions:
    • Show Raw Data - displays imported amplification data
    • Flip Amp/Melt Curves Y Axis - flips data in Amp &/or Melt Curves windows; allows analysis of gain-of-function data
  • Added Relative Quantification (RQ) analysis functions (δCt &δδCt).
  • Updated installer to be compatible with Windows Vista®

Release Date: January, 2008
Release Notes:

The following updates were made to the software that affect Plexor® HY users on supported instrument platforms:

  • Updated ABI 7500 data importer to support files from SDS v1.4 using the 21 CFR Part 11 option
  • Updated Rotor-Gene™ data importer to support new export file format (*.csv)
  • Added data importer to support Stratagene Mx4000P® & MxPro v4.0 Software files
  • Fixed issue with data importer for BioRad iQ™5
  • Well selector layout for Corbett Rotor-Gene™ is now in columns of 8 wells
  • User is now warned when overwriting a file using a newer version of the software
  • It is no longer possible to delete all wells in a .aan file
  • Improved Tm calling
  • Raw data graph now shows only raw data, even if curves are flipped
  • Flipping melt curves no longer incorrectly sets the threshold when viewing in Gaussian mode
  • Raw data graph now shows only raw data, even if curves are flipped
  • Standard curve divider location no longer reset when changing tabs
  • Fixed issue with moving columns in the graph legend and sorting based on well location
  • Fixed issue with the "All" column checkboxes in the Sample Details report column dialog
  • Fixed issue with exporting an Analysis Template with a passive reference
  • Fixed issue with printing the Forensics report with only a few columns selected

Release Date: August, 2007
Release Notes:

Initial release Forensics version – added Forensics Analysis functions, e.g., Normalization Wizard, Forensics Report

Version: 1.1.4
Release Date: 2004
Release Notes:

Original version

  • Data importers for:
    • ABI Prism 7000, 7300, 7700, 7900, & 7500
    • Roche LightCycler® & LightCycler® 2
    • Bio-Rad iCycler iQ™
    • Cepheid SmartCycler®
    • Stratagene Mx3000P™ and Mx3005P™
    • MJ Research Opticon® 2

Download the Forensic Release of the Plexor® Analysis Software.