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TnT® SP6 High-Yield Protein Expression System: More Protein from a Coupled Transcription/Translation System

Robin Hurst, Don Creswell, Michael Slater and Elaine Schenborn
Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2006


The TnT® SP6 High-Yield Protein Expression System is designed to produce high levels of protein in a single-tube, cell-free format. This system is based on a supplemented wheat germ extract, containing all the components required for coupled SP6 RNA polymerase-dependent transcription and translation. This article compares protein yields from the TnT® SP6 High-Yield System to the conventional wheat germ coupled system. We also demonstrate that the TnT® SP6 High-Yield System performs well in combination with Flexi® Vectors designed for protein expression in wheat germ extracts.

Promega Notes 93, 15–18.