Purification of In Vitro Transcribed RNA Using the SV Total RNA Isolation System

Marjeta Urh, Don Creswell, Jacqui Sankbeil, Dan Simpson, Rod Flemming, Cris Cowan and Gary Kobs
Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2004


Purification of RNA following in vitro transcription is required to remove unincorporated nucleotides that can affect concentration determination, to remove the enzymes used in the reaction and to exchange buffers. Traditional methods of RNA purification from in vitro transcription reactions have involved the use of phenol/chloroform extraction or lithium/chloride precipitation. These methods are often inefficient, and the yield is highly variable. Here we investigate using the SV Total RNA Isolation System for purification of RNA following in vitro transcription.

Promega Notes 86, 15–17.