SV Total RNA Isolation System Protocol

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Z3100, Z3101, Z3105

Literature # TM048

The SV Total RNA Isolation System provides a fast and simple technique for preparing purified and intact total RNA from tissues, cultured cells and white blood cells in as little as one hour, depending on the number of samples to be processed. Like the Wizard® Plus SV DNA Purification System (Cat.# A1330), either a spin or vacuum ("SV") purification protocol can be used. Up to 60mg of tissue can be processed per purification, depending on the type, function and RNA expression levels of the tissue. The system also incorporates a DNase treatment step that is designed to substantially reduce genomic DNA contamination, which can interfere with amplification-based methodologies. Purification is achieved without the use of phenol:chloroform extractions or ethanol precipitations, and there is no DNase carryover in the final RNA preparation.

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