Developmental Validation of the Casework Direct Kit, Custom: A Method for the Rapid Processing of Casework Samples

Erica K. Graham, Mary Loten, Jonelle Thompson, Jon Drobac, and Anupama Gopalakrishnan Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd., Madison, WI 53711
Publication Date: June 2020


In this article, we report on the validation studies performed during development of the Casework Direct Kit, Custom, using forensically relevant biological samples. These studies are based on requirements listed in the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and guidelines outlined by the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods.

Note: The Casework Direct System (Cat.# DC4560, DC4561) replaces the custom version of the Casework Direct Kit, Custom (Cat.# AX4560). No changes have been made to the product composition and, therefore, no performance changes are expected during the migration of the product from the custom to catalog version.