Maxwell® FSC Instrument Operating Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)

Literature # TM462

The Maxwell® Forensic Sample Concentrator (FSC) Instrument eliminates many of the manual, labor-intensive steps of current DNA extraction methods. The instrument also provides consistent results by reducing the variability inherent in manual sample processing. It contains preprogrammed purification methods and is designed for use with prefilled reagent cartridges. The instrument can process up to 16 samples in 30 minutes, and the purified DNA can be used directly in STR amplifications for forensic profile analysis of database and reference samples or can be quantitated prior to STR amplification of casework samples. The Maxwell® FSC Instrument, combined with the Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit, provides an automated DNA extraction system that results in high-yield, inhibitor-free DNA from a wide variety of sample types.

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