Spectrum CE System Operating Manual

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Literature # TMD052

The Spectrum CE System is an automated 8-capillary electrophoresis instrument intended for separation and detection of fluorescently-labeled DNA fragments, including short tandem repeat (STR) markers. The Spectrum CE System is designed for use by laboratory professionals, including forensic laboratories. The CE instrument is compatible with existing five- and six-dye-labeled STR kits available from Promega and other commercial vendors. It is also compatible with the Promega 8-dye STR kits. The system supports automated analysis of up to four 96-well sample plates.

The system includes the capillary electrophoresis instrument, desktop computer, monitor and consumables. The instrument is controlled through a graphical user interface running on the system computer. The Spectrum Control Software (SCS) provides a simple user interface with a clear display of useful features including run setup, consumables usage information, and system maintenance reminders. The integrated RFID readers are used to capture RFID information on consumables for easy exchange and tracking of instrument consumables.

Created 7/22.

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