Water-Glo™ System Technical Manual

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AM1001, AM1002, AM1003, AM1004, AM1005, AM1041

Literature # TM547

Microbial growth in industrial water systems is a serious problem that can cause biofilm formation (biofouling) and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), leading to poor water quality and costly mitigation. To prevent microbial growth, it is important to regularly monitor the amount of biomass in water. This can be done by measuring ATP (adenosine triphosphate) concentrations in water samples. The Water-Glo™ System is designed to measure ATP from viable cells in complex aqueous samples, such as drinking water, sea water, well water, waste water, water in reservoirs and other industrial water systems. The system uses a luciferase enzyme that generates luminescence upon reacting with ATP. The luminescent signal directly correlates with the level of ATP as well as the amount of active biomass in the water sample.

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