GloMax® Explorer System Operating Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
GM3500, GM3510

Literature # TM433

The GloMax® Explorer System is a high-performance multimode detection instrument developed using Promega reagent assays to provide an easy-to-use means of measuring luminescence, fluorescence and visible absorbance from experiments. This instrument not only offers luminescence sensitivity and dynamic range but also offers seamless integration with our bioluminescence assays. The GloMax® Explorer provides flexible use of filters for fluorescence intensity and visible absorbance measurements.

The instrument is operated by an integrated Tablet PC for quick and easy navigation through the control options. Exporting your results is seamless with a variety of options, including export to your local data network. The GloMax® Explorer comes with a one-year warranty, and because the reagents and instrument come from one source, we service and support both instrument and integrated Promega assays.

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