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Nano-Glo® Endurazine™ and Vivazine™ Live Cell Substrates Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
N2570, N2571, N2572, N2580, N2581, N2582, N2590

Literature # TM550

The Nano-Glo® Endurazine™ and Vivazine™ Live Cell Substrates are versions of furimazine that enable live-cell, nonlytic assays for periods lasting several hours or days. For both substrates, a slow rate of ester hydrolysis leads to the steady release of furimazine throughout the experiment, a process catalyzed by cellular esterases. Once formed, furimazine can serve as a substrate for NanoLuc® or NanoBiT® luciferases. NanoBiT® luciferase consists of Large BiT (LgBiT) bound to Small BiT (SmBiT) or HiBiT peptides. Both substrates contain a proprietary compound that reduces furimazine autoluminescence.

Printed in USA 8/18.