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Restriction Enzyme Protocol

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
R4014, R4024, R6011, R6017, R6021, R6025, R6041, R6045, R6051, R6055, R6061, R6065, R6071, R6081, R6085, R6111, R6115, R6121, R6125, R6151, R6155, R6161, R6165, R6171, R6175, R6181, R6185, R6201, R6205, R6211, R6221, R6231, R6241, R6261, R6265, R6281, R6291, R6295, R6311, R6315, R6321, R6325, R6341, R6345, R6351, R6355, R6361, R6371, R6381, R6401, R6405, R6431, R6435, R6441, R6501, R6505, R6513, R6515, R6551, R6555, R6591, R6595, R6651, R6711, R6801, R7031, R7103, R7251

Literature # TM367

Protocols for use of Promega Restriction Enzymes, including basic information on reaction setup and controls. Protocols for rapid digestion of plasmid DNA in 5–15 minutes and for direct digestion of PCR or RT-PCR products in GoTaq® Green Master Mix or PCR Master Mix are also provided.


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