Caspase-Glo® 1 Inflammasome Assay

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G9951, G9952, G9953

Literature # TM456

The Caspase-Glo® 1 Inflammasome Assay is a homogeneous, bioluminescent method to selectively measure the activity of caspase-1, a member of the cysteine aspartic acid-specific protease (caspase) family and an essential component of the inflammasome. The assay provides a luminogenic caspase-1 substrate, Z-WEHD-aminoluciferin, in a lytic reagent optimized for caspase-1 activity and luciferase activity. A single addition of this reagent results in cell lysis, substrate cleavage by caspase-1 and generation of light by a thermostable, recombinant luciferase. The resulting luminescent signal is stable and proportional to caspase activity. Inclusion of the proteasome inhibitor, MG-132, in the reagent eliminates nonspecific proteasome-mediated cleavage of the substrate, enabling sensitive detection of caspase-1 activity.

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