SoftLink™ Soft Release Avidin Resin Product Information

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V2011, V2012

Literature # 9PIV201

SoftLink™ Soft Release Avidin Resin can be used for the isolation and purification of biotinylated molecules. SoftLink™ Resin is a rigid, methacrylate polymeric gel filtration matrix, functionalized with covalently bound, monomeric avidin. Monomeric avidin binds biotin with a Kd = 10–7, allowing reversible binding of bound biotinylated proteins under mild elution conditions. Native, or tetrameric, avidin binds biotin with a very strong affinity (Kd = 10–15) and requires strong denaturing conditions to elute bound material. Monomeric avidin allows the specificity of capture and the mild elution appropriate for the purification of sensitive biological materials.

No detectable leaching of avidin under biotin elution conditions occurs because monomeric avidin is covalently linked to the polymer. SoftLink™ Resin supports high flow rates (300cm/hr) and centrifugal forces (1,500 × g) in batch operation. SoftLink™ Resin retains the ability to bind biotin following exposure to pH 2–13, low or high ionic strength (up to 2M NaCl), 6M guanidine, and 1% SDS. Up to 4mg of biotinylated protein has been purified per milliliter of SoftLink™ Resin.

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