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RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor, Recombinant Protocol

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
N2511, N2515

Literature # 9PIN251

RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor has broad-spectrum RNase inhibitory properties. The 50kDa protein exerts its inhibitory effect by noncovalently binding to RNases at a 1:1 ratio. The Ki value for the binding of RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor to RNase (e.g., RNase A) is approximately 10–14M. Promega offers two different preparations: Natural RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor (Cat.# N2111) and Recombinant RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor (Cat.# N2511, N2515). All of these products are purified using a combination of ion exchange and affinity chromatography, and Natural and Recombinant RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitors are devoid of DNA exonuclease and endonuclease activity and RNase activity. In addition to its ability to inhibit RNase activity, RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor has been shown to inhibit angiogenesis induced by angiogenin, basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and sodium orthovanadate. Moreover, RNasin® Ribonuclease Inhibitor reduced neovascularization evoked by implanted tumor cells and significantly inhibited tumor growth in a murine model.

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