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pNLF1-NRF2 [CMV/neo] Vector

Instructions for Use of Product(s)

Literature # 9PIN139

The pNLF1-NRF2 [CMV/neo] Vector encodes an NRF2-NanoLuc® fusion protein under control of a mammalian (CMV) promoter. NanoLuc® luciferase is engineered and optimized for extreme brightness, small size and robust thermostability. The vector backbone contains a neomycin phosphotransferase gene to allow selection with kanamycin in E. coli or with neomycin in mammalian cell lines.
This product also includes a pKEAP1 expression vector (pKEAP1) for proper regulation of intracellular NRF2 levels. The pKEAP Vector encodes a hygromycin-resistance gene for selection in mammalian cells, as well as an ampicillin-resistance gene for selection in bacteria. Transfection Carrier DNA has also been included to allow for diluted expression of the NRF2-NanoLuc® luciferase or KEAP1.

Revised 9/16