HaloTag® PEG-Biotin Ligand Product Information

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
G8591, G8592
Literature # 9PIG859

The HaloTag® Interchangeable Labeling Technology is a novel tool for imaging live or fixed mammalian cells that express the HaloTag® Protein or Protein Fusion, analyzing post-translational modification of labeled fusion proteins, and isolating proteins and protein complexes. The HaloTag® Protein is encoded by the a variety of HaloTag® Vectors, which are designed to allow protein fusions. The HaloTag® PEG-Biotin Ligand is a chemical tag that consists of a hydrophilic spacer with four ethylene gylcols between the HaloTag® Reactive linker and biotin. This ligand does not cross the cell membrane efficiently and requires that lysates be prepared prior to labeling. The spacer provides additional length to the ligand, resulting in a highly efficient interaction between the HaloTag® Protein and streptavidin. The spacer also provides a flexible linker between the HaloTag® Protein and streptavidin, which may be beneficial to preserving the activity of a HaloTag® fusion partner protein upon immobilization or derivatization.

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