pmirGLO Dual-Luciferase miRNA Target Expression Vector Product Information

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
Literature # 9PIE133

The pmirGLO Dual-Luciferase miRNA Target Expression Vector is designed to quantitatively evaluate microRNA (miRNA) activity by the insertion of miRNA target sites 3′ of the firefly luciferase gene (luc2). These target sites can be introduced by cloning putative miRNA binding sites alone, or the 3′ untranslated region (UTR) of a gene of interest, to study the influence of these sites on transcript stability and activity. Firefly luciferase is the primary reporter gene; reduced firefly luciferase expression indicates the binding of endogenous or introduced miRNAs to the cloned miRNA target sequence. This vector is based on Promega dual-luciferase technology, with firefly luciferase (luc2) used as the primary reporter to monitor miRNA regulation and Renilla luciferase (hRluc-neo) acting as a control reporter for normalization and selection.

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