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Anti-βIII Tubulin mAb

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Neuron-Specific Monoclonal Antibody That Reacts with C-Terminal ΒIII Tubulin

  • Antigenic peptide corresponding to the C terminus (EAQGPK) of βIII tubulin
  • Mouse monoclonal IgG1 (clone 5G8) supplied as 1mg/ml in PBS containing no preservatives
  • Cross-reacts with most mammalian species. Does not label nonneuronal cells (e.g., astrocytes).


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Anti-βIII Tubulin mAb
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Anti-βIII Tubulin mAb is a protein G-purified IgG1 monoclonal antibody (from clone 5G8) raised in mice against a peptide (EAQGPK) corresponding to the C-terminus of βIII tubulin. It is directed against βIII tubulin, a specific marker for neurons. The major use of this antibody is for labeling neurons in tissue sections and cell culture. The antibody has been tested to perform in frozen and paraffin-embedded sections of rat brain, cerebellum and spinal cord, human and rat fetal CNS progenitor cell cultures and adult human paraffin-embedded brain.

Applications (suggested working dilution)

  • Immunocytochemistry (1:2,000).
  • Immunohistochemistry (1:2,000).
  • Western blotting (1:1,000).

Immunostaining for βIII tubulin in rat cerebellum using Anti-βIII Tubulin mAb. Paraffin-embedded rat brain section double-immunofluorescence labeled with the primary antibody and detected using an anti-mouse Cy®3-conjugated secondary antibody (yellow). Nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue). Protocols developed and performed at Promega.


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Anti-βIII Tubulin mAb

G712A 1 × 100μg 1mg/ml

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