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Slicprep™ Centrifuge Compatibility

The Slicprep™ 96 Device is a single device for high-throughput incubation, centrifugation and separation of DNA samples on a solid support. The device consists of 3 components: a 2.2ml 96 Deep Well Plate, a 96 Spin Basket and a U-Shaped Collar.

Centrifuge Compatibility

The following centrifuge and rotor combinations have been confirmed as being compatible with the Slicprep™ 96 Device (Catalog numbers included where known):

Centrifuge Rotor
Beckman Coulter
Allegra® 6R
GH-3.8 swinging-bucket rotor (Cat.# 360581) with MicroPlus Carrier Assembly (Cat.# 362394)1
Beckman Coulter
JS-4.3 rotor (Cat.# 362734) with MicroPlus Carrier Assembly (Cat.# 362394)1
Beckman Coulter
Avanti-J26XP, Avanti JE
and Avanti J20
JS-5.3 rotor (Cat.# 368690)2
Eppendorf 5804, 5804 R,
5810 and 5810 R
A-2-DWP rotor (Cat.# 5804 740.009)1
Beckman Coulter Allegra X-12 SX4750 rotor and Microplate Carriers for SX4750 Rotor (Cat.# 393042)1
Beckman Coulter
JS-4.3 swinging-bucket rotor (Cat.# 362734) with MicroPlus Carrier Assembly (Cat.# 362394)1,3
FIBERLite® F3k H-3S Horizontal rotor (Cat.# 096-029001)2,3

1Verified by Promega scientists.
2Verified by nonPromega scientists.
3These centrifuges are no longer available from the manufacturer.

Known incompatible centrifuge and rotor combinations

Centrifuge Rotor
Thermo IEC Centra CL3 centrifuge Rotor 244 and 96-well bucket (Cat. # 50221)4

4Space between the Slicprep™ 96 Device and the inner sides of the rotor is too small. Uneven centrifugation, plate slippage, or breakage of the Slicprep™ 96 Device may occur. This event is customer-verified.

Promega is committed to providing up-to-date information to our customers. Have you tried another centrifuge and rotor combination with the Slicprep™ 96 Device? Contact Promega via e-mail at: techserv@promega.com, and let us know.

Dimensions of the Slicprep™ 96 Device (with U-Shaped Collar inserted):
     L: 13.7cm
     W: 8.9cm
     H: 5.5cm

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