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Allele Frequencies

xls_iconSTR Allele Frequencies
Allele frequency values were calculated for unrelated U.S. population samples (n=1036) at 29 autosomal STR loci in commercial STR multiplex kits. The observed heterozygosity values (Hobs), Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium p-value from exact test (HWE), probability of identity values (PI), and probability of paternity exclusion values (PPE) are listed for each marker.

xls_iconSample Genotypes
Statistical values in this file were generated from the raw population data of 29 autosomal STR loci and 23 Y-STR loci allele calls for 1036 individuals comprising of African-American, Caucasian-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American populations.

Please cite the following articles while using the above data:

Coble, M.D., Hill, C.R., Butler J.M. (2013) Haplotype data for 23 Y-chromosome markers in four U.S. population groups. Forensic Sci. Int. Genet. 7, e66–e68.

Hill, C.R., Duewer, D.L., Kline, M.C., Coble, M.D., Butler, J.M. (2013) U.S. population data for 29 autosomal STR loci. Forensic Sci. Int. Genet. 7, e82–e83.

Butler, J.M., Hill, C.R., Coble, M.D. (2012) Variability of new STR loci and kits in U.S. population groups. Profiles in DNA. Available at http://www.promega.com/resources/articles/profiles-in-dna/2012/variability-of-new-str-loci-and-kits-in-us-population-groups/.

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