9th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

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Author Title
P. Sean Walsh Continuous Evolution of DNA Typing Systems for Forensic Casework and High Throughput Databanks
Elizabeth A. Amiott Incorporating High Quality Genetic Markers into Forensically Useful Multiplexes
P. Gill Interpretation of Mixtures Based on Peak Area -- Identification of Genetic Anomalies, Stutters and Other Artefacts
S.B. Klein Intra- and Interlaboratory Comparison Study of Peak Height and Area Ratios within Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Loci of Single Contributor Samples Employing the Promega GenePrint® PowerPlex™ 1.1 and the Hitachi FMBIO® Fluorescence Imaging Systems
Barbara Llewellyn A Comparison of the Validation Studies Conducted on the AmpF/SR™ Profiler Plus™ Kit
Kevin C. McElfresh Putting STR Megaplexes to the Test: Casework, Felon Databanking and Population Genetics
Rick W. Staub Human Identification by Genotyping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) Using an APEX Microarray
James W. Schumm Pentanucleotide Repeats: Highly Polymorphic Genetic Markers Displaying Minimal Stutter Artifact
Dieter Schmalzing High Speed STR Analysis on Microfabricated Electrophoretic Devices
John M. Butler High-Throughput Genotyping of Forensic STRs and SNPs using Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
W. Parson National DNA Intelligence Databases in Europe -- Report on the Current Situation
D.J. Werrett and R. Sparkes 300 Matches per Week -- The Effectiveness and Future Development of DNA Intelligence Databases
David Coffman Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Convicted Offender DNA Database: Transition from RFLP to STR
Bruce Budowle Examples of STR Population Databases for CODIS and for Casework
Andrea Sala STRs, Y-STRs, Amp-FLP, SLPs and MLP Identified the Victim of a Suicide
George R. Riley Forensic Casework using PowerPlex™: From the Miniscule to the Mixed
Lois A. Tully A High Incidence of Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy in Hypervariable Region 1 in Normal Human Tissues: Implications for Forensic Casework
Mitchell M. Holland Mitochondrial DNA: New Methods, Automation and Sequence Analysis Software
Peter de Knijff Towards a Reliable Forensic and Population Genetic use of Chromosome Y Microsatellites
Angel Carracedo Development of New STRs for Forensic Casework: Criteria for Selection, Sequencing and Population Data and Forensic Validation
Antti Sajantila Assessing Human Genetic Diversity by ALU Insertion Polymorphisms
Paul B. Ferrara Putting Your Taxpayers' Money Where Your Mouth Is
James F. Crow The 1996 NRC Report: Another Look
B.S. Weir Are DNA Profiles Unique?
Christopher H. Asplen The National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence
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