9th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Amy Smuts Mitochondrial DNA Recovery and Sequence Analysis from Human Bone Exposed to Controlled Thermal Loading
2 Theodore D. Anderson Increasing the Discriminatory Potential of Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing by Analyzing Control Region Data Outside of the Hypervariable Regions
3 Christine A. Cayea Looking Beyond HV1 and HV2: The Application of VR1/VR2 Testing of Mitochondrial DNA to Further Discriminate Ancient Skeletal Remains of American War Casualties
4 Reena Roy Multiplexing of Y Chromosome Specific STRs by Infrared Fluorescence Detection
5 John V. Planz Diversity of Microsatellite Loci and Mitochondrial DNA Haplotypes in a Population from the Peruvian Andes
6 Pamela Pogue Evaluation of Mitochondrial DNA Amplification Employing the FASTTYPE™ MTDNA Amplification System
7 Demris A. Lee The Application of Fluorescent STR Technology for Unusual Casework Specimens
8 J.Q. Tang Evaluation of a Novel Simple/Complex STR Multiplex for DNA Fingerprinting
9 Sue Rogers Implementation of a Buccal Swab Kit for the Collection of DNA Database Samples
10 Teresa H. Aulinskas DNA Testing in Kinship Analysis
11 G.V. Rao Cloning and Characterization of a Polymorphic Human DNA Sequence for Forensic Identification
12 Thomas Scholl High Throughput Automated Forensic Genetic Analysis
13 Rick W. Staub Real Time Paternity Testing Utilizing a Novel 11-System STR Multiplex Analyzed on an ABI Prism® 377 DNA Sequencer
14 Arnold Greyling Forensic DNA Typing in South Africa
15 Anke Junge Validation Studies and Sequencing Data of the Short Tandem Repeat Locus D8S1132
16 H. Jorquera Chilean Population Data on Thirteen PCR-Based Loci
17 Renee Romero DNA Identification After an Explosion at Sierra Chemical
18 Tara L. Hockenbery Analysis and Interpretation of Genetic Mutations Using Thirteen Short Tendem Repeats in Fifty-Seven Parent/Child Allelic Transfers
19 Xiufen Zheng Analysis of Y Chromosomal Locus DYS390 in a Chinese Population
20 Renato Biondo A First Study of Italian Frequencies Using the AmpF/STR™ Profiler™ to be used in Forensic Applications
21 D.A. Gangitano Allele Frequency in the Population of Buenos Aires (Argentina) using Amplitype® PM + DQA1
22 Seung Hwan Lee Construction of New Quadriplex AMP-FLP Systems for Autosomal and Sex Chromosomal STR Loci
23 Seung Hwan Lee Human Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variations in Korean Population
24 Peter Hau Sequencing and Four-State MVR-PCR Mapping of the Highly Polymorphic D1S7 Locus (MS1) by Fluorescence Detection
25 Robert M. Fisher Validation and Application of New Sequencing Primers for use in Mitochondrial DNA Control Region Analysis
26 Albert P. Haddad The Short Tandem Repeat Locus VWF2 Consists of Two Polymorphic Sub-Loci
27 Albert P. Haddad DNA Extraction by Spin Columns from Whole Blood, Blood Stain and Buccal Cells
28 Jim Streeter The Effects of Different DNA Polymerases on the Production of STR Stutter Bands
29 A. Baasner Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Mixtures with Restriction EnzymesEmma Watson
30 Emma Watson Development of Twelve Tetranucleotide Short Tandem Repeat Loci using Polynesian and Caucasian DNA Samples
31 F. Al Shamali Allele Frequencies of Three STR Loci: CSF1PO, TPOX, and HUMTH01 in a Dubaian Arab Population
32 F. Al Shamali Determination of the Allele and Genotype Frequencies of the Loci: HLADQA1 LDLR, GYPA, HBGG, D7S8 and GC in a Population of Pakistanis Living in Dubai
33 E. Raimondi Allelic Frequency Distribution of Four STR Loci (FGA, D7S820, D1S533, D9S304) in the Argentinean Population
34 Jose A. Lorenta El Salvador (Central America) Population Data with the New GenePrint® SilverSTR™ III Multiplex (D16S539, D7S820 and D13S317)
35 Therea Calicchio Validation of PSA by ELISA
36 A. Martinez Evaluation of Nine Microsatellite Loci in a Mulatto Population
37 Elizeu F. DeCarvalho Brazilian Population Database: VNTR Alleles Frequency Distribution on Black and Non-Black Population Samples from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
38 Steven B. Lee STR Capillary Electrophoresis Training -- Lessons from Our Experience
39 John H. Ryan Improvements in Mitochondrial DNA Amplification and Sequencing Through the Use of "Mini-Primer Sets" for Highly Degraded Forensic Samples
40 S. Greenspoon Validation of the PowerPlex™ 1.1 Loci for Use in Forensic Casework
41 W. Chad Hainley The Texas STR Database: Analysis and Interpretation of Convicted Offender Database Samples
42 David Carlson Expanded Applications for DNA Captured on Paper Devices
43 Anna Lyon AmpF/STR™ Profiler™ Analysis on Severely Compromised Casework Samples 
44 N. Mizuno Y-Specific Polymorphisms in the Japanese and Taiwanese Populations
45 Moses S. Schanfield A New Oral Sampling Device for the Collection of Human DNA: Collection Time, Long-Term Storage Studies, and Sample Collection in Children
46 Mohammed A. Tahir Development of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) Database from Arabs and Pakistanis from UAE
47 Chantal F. Frégeau The Effects of Blood Enhancement Chemicals on Subsequent Profiler Plus™ Fluorescent Short Tandem Repeat DNA Analysis of Fresh and Aged Bloody Fingerprints
48 Benoit Leclair Precision and Accuracy in Fluorescent STR DNA Typing: Assessment of Benefits Imparted by the Use of Allelic Ladders with the Profiler Plus™ Kit
49 Benoit Leclair Profiler Plus Validation: Establishing Thresholds of Stutter Percentages and Allele Ratio at Heterozygous Loci for Use in Mixture Analysis
50 Benoit Leclair STR DNA Typing: Increased Sensitivity and Efficient Sample Consumption Using Reduced PCR Reaction Volumes for Database Analysis, and Casework Implications
51 Susan Borys PCR Volume Reduction Study Using Bloodstained FTA™ Collection Cards and Capillary Electrophoresis
52 Masaki Hashiyada Multiplex Fluorescent PCR Analysis in Japanese Population
53 B. Mechoso Allele Distribution for Six VNTR Markers in the Caucasian Population from Uruguay Compared with Regional Data
54 F. Silva Allele Frequencies of 9 STRs in North Portugal Population using the AmpF/STR™ Profiler Plus™ PCR Amplification Kit
55 L. Gusmao Population Genetics of 9 STRs in a Chinese Sample from Macau Using the AmpF/STR™ Profiler Plus™ PCR Amplification Kit
56 R. Triveldi Amplification and Typing of HLA DQA1, LDLR, GYPA, HBGG, D7S8, GC and D1S80 Loci in Tooth Fragments
57 V.K. Kashyap Identification of Xenotypic Transplantations by Arbitrary Oligonucleotide Primers
58 V.K. Kashyap Distribution of D1S80 Alleles in the Bengali Population of India
59 Kentaro Kasai Analysis of VNTR Using Capillary Electrophoresis
60 Juan J. Yunis Population Database of 14 STR Markers and D1S80 in a Caucasian-Mestizo Sample of Columbia
61 Katherine A. Micka Validation of the GenePrint® PowerPlex™ 1.1 and FFFL STR Multiplex Systems
62 Barbara C. Levin Comparison of Two Techniques for Human Identification from Hair: Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing and Supercritical Fluid Extraction-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
63 Steven C. Glidewell Detection of the GenePrint® PowerPlex™ 1.1 System Using a Xenon Lamp-Excited Image Analyzer
64 Robyn L. Ragsdale Validation of AmpF/STR™ Profiler Plus™ and Cofiler™ Profiling Systems for Use in Forensic Casework
65 Sarah Mikolajczyk The Validation of the PCR Based Evidence Analysis Program Using AmpF/STR™ Profiler Plus™ and AmpF/STR™ Cofiler™ for the Identification of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) Using the ABI Prism® 310 Genetic Analyzer
66 Sarah Mikolajczyk The Validation of the OneStep ABAcard® PSA (P30) Test for the Forensic Identification of Semen
67 Sarah Mikolajczyk The Validation of the OneStep ABAcard® HemaTest™ for the Forensic Identification of Human Blood
68 Charity A. Diefenbach Procedural Improvements in Mitochondrial DNA Analysis: Validation and Implementation of a New Hair Extraction Procedure and Modified Amplification/Sequencing Primer
69 Francis A. Chiafari The Effect of Locus Selection on Sibship Calculations
70 Pamela A. Fish Training and Quality Assurance in STR Technology
71 Jeanne M. Willard Mixed Sample Evaluation Using AmpF/STR™ Profiler Plus™ on the ABI Prism® 310 Genetic Analyzer and ABI 377 DNA Sequencer
72 Y. Daoudi Identification of the Vietnam Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Many Roles of Mitochondrial DNA
73 Gregory J. Tsongalis Applications of Identity Testing in the Clinical Laboratory
74 Andrea Sala Loci D16S539, D7S820, D13S317 (SilverSTR™ III): Comparison of Different Populations of Argentina
75 Gustavo Penacino Rapid and Efficient Stain Evaluation by Means of Y-Chromosome STRs
76 Donald R. Parker Casework Studies with Profiler Plus™
77 C. Vullo VNTR Allele Frequency in the Population from the Central Area of Argentina
78 David N. Stivers The Hierarchical Structure of Multi-Locus Linkage Disequilibrium Testing
79 Dora Sánchez Detection of Fluorescent Labeled STR with Silver Staining
80 Max. A Karlovitz Automated Confidence Scores for DNA Base Calls and their Application to Forensic Sequencing
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