26th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Campbell Quick Screening: An Efficient and Effective Method for Screening Sex Assaults Kits for the Presence of Male DNA
2 Routh Evidentiary and Reference Sample Stabilization and Recovery Device for Superior Forensic DNA Sampling, Storage and Profiling
3 Balcer Effective DNA preservation technology for room temperature storage
4 Richard Improved Recovery of Sperm Donor Profiles from Vaginal Swabs Using Laser Microdissection (LMD)
5 Castriciano Copan NUCLEIC-CARD™ for storage and preservation of biological samples for DNA data base for forensic human identification.
6 Savoldi Improved Copan CPA200™ (Card Processing Automation 200) a semi-automatic punch system for processing sample card for human DNA profiling data banking registry.
7 Baksh Comparison of DNA IQ Casework Pro Kit and Organic Extraction Methods on Super Glue Fumed Items
8 Lodhi Degradation of Extracted DNA from Human Male Sperm Cells by UV Radiations and Exposure Time
9 Chang Improving DNA Recovery with Polyester Swabs and SDS
10 Grimes Increased DNA Yield from Specimens using Alternative Reducing and Alkylating Agents
11 Triva Examination of Stamps on Postcards and Letters from the Early and Mid-1900's for the Recovery of DNA
12 Noureddine Recovery of STR DNA Profiles from Fingerprints Developed on Adhesive Side of Duct Tape.
13 Duke Evaluation of Collection Techniques for Contact DNA Services
14 Simpson Increasing buccal sample collection efficiency and DNA (STR) profile first pass success rates: A study into collaborative product improvement.
15 Thompson Success rates from DNA in property crimes
16 Reich Obtaining DNA-STR Profiles from Latent Friction Ridge Impressions Developed with Powder and Transferred to Adhesive Tape: Sensitivity Down to a Single, Individual Fingerprint
17 Dominguez-Cruz Touch DNA obtained in a safety lever of hand grenade with a water reconstitution method.
18 Li Using A DNA Barcoding Technique To Identify Diatoms From Cardiac Tissue Samples For Drowning Investigations
19 Park Application of PreCR Repair Enzyme to Forensic Evidences
20 Frippiat Effect of two different nylon flocked swabs (FLOQSwabs™) with or without surfactant on sensibility of Hexagon Obti and Hemdirect human blood detection tests
21 Gentile Comparative evaluation of five DNA extraction techniques to increase laboratory's performance
22 Hughes-Stamm Evaluation of a One-Step DNA Extraction Method for "touch" Samples
23 Sorensen Direct-to-PCR tissue preservation for DNA profiling
24 Zhou Two cell sorting strategies to separate spermatozoa involving multi-contributors from mixtures for STR identification
25 Podini Semen and Sperm Cell Detection Via Proximity Ligation Real-Time PCR
26 Gemp Lux: A Tool System for Improved Microscopic Sample Collection
27 Gigl Direct Amplification of Blood Deposited on Substrates Commonly Encountered at Crime Scenes Using the PowerPlex® Fusion and PowerPlex® 18D Systems
28 Combs Improved Analysis of Bone Samples by Performing Sample Type-Specific Sensitivity Studies
29 Proctor Effect of anionic detergent selection on STR profile development from bone-derived DNA extracts
30 Hartman Toenails as an alternative source material for the extraction of DNA from decomposed human remains
31 Dawson Cruz A microchip module for differential extraction of sexual assault samples and improved IR-mediated STR amplification for a rotation-driven microdevice
32 Seashols-Williams Single molecule forensic DNA characterization with laser-induced nanopore heating
33 Solomon Improved Methods for Retrieval and Extraction of DNA from Tape-Lifted, Paper-Backed Stored Archived Latent Fingerprints
34 Stienmetz Automated Differential Extractions Using the Qiagen QIAcube
35 Hellwig Amplification Stables: Where Workflow Can Gain Horsepower Using a Stabilizing Matrix
36 Tang Evaluation of Tape Lifting Versus Swabbing for Collection of Trace Biological Samples from Vehicle Headrests
37 Reynaga Investigator Quantiplex HYres Validation
38 Sinha InnoQuant® as a tool to Determine Profile Suitability and Improve Profile Success Rates for High Throughput Property Crime Specimens
39 Ewing Developmental Validation of the PowerQuant™ System
40 Machia Cupcake Wars qPCR Style: A Bake-off Comparing Quantitation Chemistry For Y-Screening and Forensic Workflow
41 Prochnow Analysis and interpretation of difficult samples - the interaction of a suitable DNA Quantification kit with the right STR assay may facilitate processing of critical trace material
42 Liu Direct qPCR quantification using the Quantifiler® Trio DNA quantification kit
43 Green Integrating PowerQuant into a forensic lab that utilizes Y-screening
44 Montano Preparing PowerSeq® Auto/Mito/YSTR libraries with the NeoPrep™ Library Prep System
45 Paquet Validation of the Maxwell 16 Instrument for casework samples - a smaller and more rapid platform for urgent samples
46 Birch Enzymatic DNA Liberation On A Polyester-Toner-PMMA Hybrid Centrifugal Microdevice
47 Ruddock NIMBUS: Clear skies for pre-amp workflow
48 Young Evaluation of the ExactID® v2.0 Method for Accurate and Rapid Typing of Forensic Loci from Sequencing Data
49 French Developmental Validation of the DNAscan™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ Instrument and Expert System: Reference sample processing for upload to the National DNA Index System
50 Wiley An evaluation of a new Rapid DNA platform for field forward applications
51 Kitayama Evaluation and comparison of the quality of STR profiles generated by modified rapid DNA systems
52 Dowden The perfect field test result of rapid portable analysis system
53 Asogawa The development of rapid portable YSTR analysis system
54 May Use of the ANDE Rapid DNA Analysis System for Field-Forward Disaster Victim Identification
55 Le Roux Multiplex PCR on PET Microfluidic Chip on a Portable Spinning Device
56 Tsuei Inexpensive And Highly Portable Rotationally-Driven Microdevice For Forensic DNA Separation
57 Parsons Human Identification in less than 45 minutes: A Rapid and Fully Portable DNA Solution
58 Selden Rapid DNA Analysis Based on Interrogation of 27 STR Loci
59 Parker Increased Power of Discrimination from Genetically Variant Peptides in Human Hair: reaching the "one-in-a-million" threshold
60 Layne An evaluation of the differential stability of nucleic acids in biological fluids compromised by environmental exposure
61 Stanciu Differentiation of Individual Cell Populations in a Touch Mixture Using Antibody Probes and Flow Cytometry
62 Shannon Leveraging Laboratory Data in Decision Making
63 Walsh A Universal Analysis Software for Next Generation Sequencing Data: Modern Forensic Bioinformatics
64 Russell Database Searching - taking mixtures further than ever before.
65 Riley Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Mathematically Distinguishing Low Level Alleles from Artifacts and Noise
66 Melton Demystifying MIST -Practical Applications and Implementation Strategies for DNA Mixture Interpretation Software Tools
67 Lun MatchIt: A Continuous DNA Interpretation Method that Generates Likelihood Ratio Distributions
68 Greenspoon Further Exploration of TrueAllele® Casework
69 Kalafut Genotypes and Conservative Statistics: Allowing For More Contributors in the Interpretation Should Give a More Conservative Number
70 Gerow Direct MiniFiler™ Amplification of Degraded DNA Database Samples
71 Vela Calvinato Promega PowerPlex® Y23 Internal Validation and its application to kinship studies in Laboratorio de Genética Molecular- Cruz Vital
72 Anstead An independent assessment of the relative performance of the Promega PowerPlex® Fusion and InnoGenomics InnoTyper™ 21 kits for use with challenging samples
73 Shilen A Performance Evaluation And Comparison Study Of The PowerPlex® Fusion 6c System
74 Sinelnikov iPLEX-STR - multiplex STR kit for 18 STR loci and Amelogenin
75 Kutranov Rapid Processing of Casework and Reference DNA Samples Using Standard Protocols
76 Park Internal Validation of PowerPlex® Y23 System and Yfiler® plus Kits for Genetic Study
77 Murphy Novel Methods to Obtain Nuclear DNA Profiles from Rootless Hair Shafts
78 Kilpatrick Comparison of Three 6-dye STR DNA Typing Kits
79 Ensenberger Developmental Validation of the PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System
80 Scherer Development and validation of the Investigator 24plex QS and 24plex GO! Kits
81 Lago PowerQuant and PowerPlex Fusion 6C: New "Streamline" Tools for the Up-to-Date Forensic Laboratory Workflow
82 Houston Evaluation of a 13-loci STR multiplex system for Cannabis sativa genetic identification
83 Rabbach Improvements to the 4-dye and 5-dye Matrix Standards and Internal Lane Standard for 5-dye PowerPlex® Systems
84 Frazier Evaluation of Investigator STR GO! Lysis Buffer for Fast DNA Extraction from Cotton Swabs
85 Setlak Databank Applications of Direct Amplification Using SwabSolution™ and the PowerPlex® Fusion Amplification Kit: A Validation Study
86 Buchanan Evaluation of PowerPlex Fusion (5C) Data Interpretation Challenges between the 29 and 30 cycle amplification methods
87 Homa Casework Experience and Interesting Cases with the GlobalFiler® Casework and Express Kits
88 Watsula The New Kit On The Block: Optimization of the Qiagen Investigator® 24plex GO! Kit for Direct Amplification
89 Plaza Human STR Profiles from Blood-fed Mosquitos
90 Jiang Developmental validation of the PowerPlex® Fusion 6c System: A 6 dye STR kit with 27 loci multiplex
91 Baird Chimeric Germline Tissue: Alleged Father's Genetic Contribution to Child Found in Semen Sample but not in Buccal Sample
92 King Autosomal and Y-STR Analysis of Degraded DNA from the 120-Year-Old Skeletal Remains of Ezekiel Harper
93 Holt Novel Y-Screen Assay using the Quantifiler® Trio DNA Quantification Kit
94 Reddy Nandineni Study of 22 autosomal and 23 Y-chromosomal STRs in Indian populations for applications in forensic human identification
95 Tabulina-Angustia Characterization of the Philippine Y STR Population Involving 23 Loci: Population Information, Mutation Analysis and Forensic Assessment
96 Ge A convenient guideline to determine if two Y-STR profiles are from the same lineage
97 Barretto Cicarelli A puzzle to identify the corpse of the alleged father.
98 Wilson Optimization and initial validation of mtDNA D-loop sequencing on the MiSeq
99 Bussmann Development and Validation of the new Investigator Argus X-12 QS Kit (P)
100 McElhoe Identifying, Reporting, and Leveraging the Discrimination Potential of mtDNA Heteroplasmy through Next Generation Sequencing
101 Rathbun Assessing the impact of DNA damage on the interpretation of low-level mtDNA heteroplasmy
102 Sage Two Novel Multiplex INDEL Assays for Determining Ancestral and Individual Identity for Use with Degraded DNA samples
103 Bus DNA analysis of the human remains found on the Vasa warship.
104 Fitzpatrick Geographical Relationship ID System (GRIDS) for Cold Case Work and for Identification of Victims of Mass Disasters
105 Walsh The HIRISPLEX-S System: Combined Prediction of Eye, Hair and Skin Color From DNA
106 Alshehhi Massive Parallel Sequencing of Individuals from the Arabian Gulf Countries Using the Ion PGM™ System for Human Identification Purposes
107 Ambers Characterization of Unidentified 140-Year-Old Human Skeletal Remains using Massively Parallel DNA Sequencing
108 Lee SEQ Mapper: A DNA sequence searching tool for massive parallel sequencing data
109 Farris Computational Algorithms for Development of Identity-Linked SNP Islands for Analysis by Massively Parallel Sequencing
110 Novroski Detection of Intra-Allelic Sequence Variants in Autosomal and X Chromosome Short Tandem Repeats using Massively Parallel Sequencing
111 Takahashi One Amplification – Two Analyses: A Combined CE and MPS Workflow
112 Wendt Analysis of single-source short tandem repeat (STR) and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci using a custom HaloPlex Target Enrichment System panel
113 Churchill Evaluation of a Multiplex Whole Mitochondrial Genome Panel System on the Ion PGM™
114 Bintz Assessment of low-level error in massively-parallel sequencing (MPS) data sets generated using the Illumina® MiSeq® platform and synthesized human mitochondrial DNA oligonucleotides
115 Grisedale Use of massively parallel sequencing (MPS) to assist with deconvolution of STR mixture profiles.
116 Hickman Amplification of whole mitochondrial genome from challenging samples via multiplex PCR assay
117 Chang Mock Missing Person Study With Single Hair Roots and Bone Samples Using Capillary Electrophoresis & Next Generation Sequencing Workflows
118 LaBerge Familial DNA Database Search System
119 Katsanis Development of a middle school learning experience to teach forensics concepts using a mock wrongful convictions canine crime scene
120 Builes Gómez Colombian Results Of The Interlaboratory Quality Control Exercise 2013-2014
121 Johns Expect the Unexpected!
122 López Carrera Creating a Database of Genetic Profiles from Unidentified Bodies, Bones, Skeletal Remains and Relatives of Missing Persons
123 Scheible A technological evaluation of next-generation sequencing for the fight against human trafficking
124 Hitchcock Innovative strategies leading to backlog elimination and efficiency gains for a high through put Forensic DNA Laboratory
125 Santos Disaster Victim Identification through DNA Analysis in Kentex Fire Disaster
126 Stollberg ISO18385: Implementation of a New Forensic Manufacturing Standard
127 Profili Cold Case Backlog Reduction-Overcoming Obstacles to Success
128 Girdwoyn Identification Of Perpetrators Based On Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
129 Gittelson Low-Template DNA: Perform a Single DNA Analysis or Two Replicates?
131 Gavilan Mutations rates analysis for 21 STR loci in Peruvian population
132 Tahir Evaluation of forensic efficiency parameters of Short tandem repeat (STR) DNA markers in Saraiki population of Pakistan
133 Pinto Allele frequencies and genetic attributes of 24 autosomal STR in the Chilean region of Bio Bio
134 Hu Genetic Polymorphisms of 21 STR Loci in the Chaoshan Han population
135 Cortes-Trujillo Forensic Efficiency of the kit Investigator Argus X-12 in two Mestizo and seven Amerindian populations from Mexico
136 Imran Evaluation of population genetic data of 15 Short tandem repeat markers in Pakistan for the establishment of DNA database
137 Gopalakrishnan Maxwell FSC Instrument: The Advancement of Personal Automation
138 Moura Neto STR Genotyping Using ION Torrent PGM and STR 24-Plex System: Performance and Data Interpretation
139 Silva Genetic Population Data on a New Panel of Microsatellite Markers of Human X-Chromosome

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