26th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Peccerelli FAFG: Truth from the Graves and the Power of Identification
Barrett/Katsanis The Living Disappeared: Using DNA to Prevent Trafficking of Children on the Border
Honkanen Defining and Refining a Familial DNA Search Program- The Wisconsin Experience
Callaghan Booking Station DNA Analysis and Searching of CODIS Databases
Proff Comparative Analysis of Simulated DVI Samples Via Rapid DNA and Conventional DNA Typing Methods
Kerr Two Years Later: A Reflection on the Implementation of STRmix™ in a High-Throughput DNA Laboratory
Panel Discussion DNA Admissibility
Hares NDIS Update and Implementation of the Expanded CODIS Core
van der Beek Measuring the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Forensic DNA-Databases
Lynch Investigation of a Ruthless Rapist
Herrin Update on Biology/DNA Scientific Area Committee Activities
Harmon/Budowle Recent Developments: The Illusion of Quality Through Accreditation
Sutton The Danger of NOT Assuming Contributors: Why the Goal of "Conservative" in Forensic DNA Statistics Should be Dropped in Favor of Being "Informative"
McGovern Examination of a Novel Method to Allow for a Range in the Number of Contributors to a DNA Profile: A Key Area of Subjectivity in DNA Evidence Interpretation
Fontana Digital Resolution of Forensic Biological Mixtures Provides Separation of 100% Pure Cells from Each Contributor for Clear-Cut Genetic Analysis
Roman Suspect Attempts to Derail Police Investigation by Planting False Evidence at a Homicide Scene, DNA to the Rescue. Drats! Foiled Again…
Allen Genetic Identification of the Putative Remains of the Famous Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus
Thomson The Fromelles War Graves Project: Identification of Skeletal Remains from World War I
Greytak DNA Phenotyping: Predicting Ancestry and Physical Appearance from Forensic DNA
Ballard DNA Phenotyping- What Can and Should We Predict?
Bus A Next Generation Sequencing Panel for DNA Typing of Challenging Samples
Zeng An Evaluation of the Powerseq™ Auto System: A Multiplex Short Tandem Repeat Marker Kit Compatible with Massively Parallel Sequencing
Churchill Power of the Illumina® Forenseq™ DNA Signature Preparation Kit in Human Identity DNA Typing
Slack The Power of Massively Parallel Sequencing for Complex Mixture Deconvolution and Other Forensic Applications

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