25th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Dabellani Validation of the CPA200™ (Card Processing Automation 200) a Semi-Automatic Punch System for Processing Sample Card for Human DNA Profiling
2 Duda Internal Validation of QIAcube Automated Wash Protocol for Differential Extractions
3 Watsula The Bode Resilient Evidence Collection (REC) Swab: An Improved Device for the Collection and Preservation of DNA Evidence
4 Klevan Isolation and Quantitation of Sperm on a Microfluidic-Integrated Shadow Imaging System
5 Smejkal Forensic DNA Collection at Death Scenes
6 Martínez Fernández Enhanced Semen Elution from 4N6FLOQSwabs™ and Cotton Swabs Prior DNA Analysis
7 Woo Ultra-Fast PCR of Selected mRNA Markers for Forensic Body Fluid Identification
8 Lee DNA Analysis of Old Aged Blood Stain Stored in Room Temperature
9 Rumrill The Value of Bloodstain Pattern Recognition at Crime Scenes for Probative Sample Selection for DNA Analysis.
10 Ferreira SA Comparative Study of Cartilage and Phalange from Hallux as Important Kinds of Samples for DNA Typing in Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
11 Mueller Effects of Ethylene Oxide Treatment on Plastic Labware
12 Hughes-Stamm Room Temperature DNA Preservation and High Throughput Methods for Decomposing Human Tissue Samples; An Alternative DVI Approach
13 Ballantyne Facile Semi-Automated Body Fluid Identification by Multiplex Solution Hybridization of Nanostring® Barcode Probes to Specific mRNA Targets
14 Podini 4N6FLOQSwabs™: A Comparative Study for Maximizing the Recovery Of DNA
15 Novroski Diomics X-Swab™: A Novel Bio-Specimen Collection Tool for Increased Trace Material Recovery and PCR Enhancement
16 Stanciu Separation of Complex Biological Mixtures Using Human Leukocyte Antigen Probes and Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting
17 Deaton Optimization of a Method for the Extraction of DNA from Human Skeletal Remains
18 Squassina Evaluation of DNA Recovery from Copan Genetics FLOQSwabs™ for Human Identification
19 Robertson Isolation of Mitochondrial DNA from Single Hairs Without Roots using Pressure Cycling Technology
20 Bobrow Evaluation Of Stability And Storage Treatments For Forensic DNA Samples
21 Ham DNA Profiling of Degraded Forensic Samples by STR Locus Enrichment
22 Parker Protein-Based Human Identification: Proof of Principle Using the Hair Shaft Proteome
23 Martinucci Comparison of Three Quantification Methods on Qiagen’s Rotor-Gene Q For DNA Casework
24 Kitayama Comparison of DNA Quantification Kits that Monitor the Integrity of Forensic DNA Samples
25 Ewing Development of the PowerQuant™ System for Quantitation of Human Autosomal and Male DNA With Determination of DNA Degradation
26 Lee Assessing DNA Quality, Quantity, and Inhibition Using a Highly Sensitive Multiplex Quantification System for Forensic Samples
27 Liu Direct qPCR Quantification of Unprocessed Forensic Casework Samples
28 Stanton A Handheld qPCR Device for use in the Field
29 Bintz Development of a Multiplex Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Assay for Simultaneous Quantification of Human Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA
30 Holt Developmental Validation of an Innovative DNA Quantification System
31 Bille Comparison of the Performance of Different Models for the Interpretation of Low Level Mixed DNA Profiles
32 Oldoni Mining the Minor Contributor of Simulated Touch DNA Mixtures: DIP-STR vs Autosomal STR and Y-STR Sets
33 Baucher Obtaining a DNA Profile from Shell Casings - A Review of Cases
34 Baker The Meaning of L.I.F.E. - Linking Interpretation and Forensic Evidence
35 Kavlick Improving the Forensic Analysis of Touch DNA Recovered from Copper
36 Noureddine A Study to Examine the Quantity of Touch DNA from the Surface Area of Pistol Components and Ammunition
37 Reich How Low Can You Go? A Systematic Approach to Developing the Most Sensitive DNA-STR Procedure
38 Bessekri Consensus Profiling: Building Confidence in Low-Template DNA Casework Specimens
39 Miyagi Investigation of The Influences of Commercial Dye’s Inhibition on Polymerase Chain Reaction for Forensic Application
40 Goecker Columnar-Thin-Film Assisted Visualization of Environmentally Insulted Fingerprints, and DNA Degradation Analysis
41 Plazibat DNA Profiles from Fingerprints Wetted with Body Fluids and Developed by the Columnar Thin Film Method
42 Mueller Optimized Analysis of Combined CODIS and European Marker Profiles using Internal Quality Sensors With QIAGEN’s Investigator 24plex QS Kit
43 Chemale DNA Evidence in Property Crimes
44 Freitas Effects of 17 Years of Burial in the Recovery of Genetic Information from Bone Samples
45 Gray Direct Amplification of Casework Bloodstains using the Promega PowerPlex® 21 PCR Amplification System
46 Shue Validation of the Promega PowerPlex ® ESX17 System with 5x AmpSolution ™ Reagent on ABI 3500 Series Genetic Analyser for Reference Sample Analysis
47 Fitzpatrick The Search for an mtDNA Reference for Abraham Lincoln – Who was Nancy Hanks?
48 Alqaydi Obtaining DNA Profiles from Preserved Tissue Samples using PowerPlex® Systems
49 Maha Use of PowerPlex® 18D in the Examination of Genomic Instability in the Short Tandem Repeat DNA Loci used for Human Cell Line Authentication Testing
50 Houde DNA Identification of Victims of the Mass Disasters in Lac Mégantic and Isle Verte, Québec
51 Ferreira The use of DNA Database of Biological Evidence from Sexual Assaults in Criminal Investigations: A Successful Experience in Brazil.
52 Camargo Genetic Analysis in Cases of Dismembered Victims from the Port of Buenaventura in Colombia
53 Ensenberger The PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System
54 Gangitano Development and Validation of a Rapid PCR Method for the PowerPlex® 16 HS System for Forensic DNA Identification
55 Macias Degradation of Male Haploid DNA by UV Radiation Wavelength and Exposure Time
56 Frech Genetic Chimerism and Stem Cell Transplantation: How Does it Affect Relationship & Forensic DNA Testing?
57 DeBoer Internal Validation of Globalfiler® Express “Good Faith Efforts” Protocols
58 Baker Initial Validation of and Investigation Into Promega’s PowerPlex® Y23 Multiplex Kit
59 Klein Application of Pre-PCR Sampling Statistics to Y-Chromosome STR Analysis with the Yfiler® Plus Kit
60 Tay An Internal Validation of the Promega PowerPlex® Y23 on Extracted DNA And FTA Samples
61 Somolinos An Approach to Searching the US Y-STR Database
62 Dargay Validation of Direct PCR Amplification from Fabrics using PowerPlex® Y23
63 Mulero Developmental Validation of the Yfiler® Plus PCR Amplification Kit
64 Malik Resolution of Y Haplotypes using the Life Technologies Yfiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit
65 Hennessy Integration and Validation of a 24-Marker Multiplex Assay on the RapidHIT™ System
66 Wells Rapid DNA Profiling at the Scene of Crime: Development and Validation of the ParaDNA® Intelligence System
67 Hampshire Implementation of a Novel Screening Technology: Increase Arrest Rates, Increase Savings. Potential to Decrease Backlogs?
68 Hampshire Intelligence Led Investigations: Does Every Force Need ParaDNA?
69 Young Evaluation of the ExactID Analyze™ Method for Accurate and Rapid Typing of SNP and STR Loci from Sequencing Data
70 Choong Syn Assessment of the RapidHIT™ 200 Human DNA Identification System with Simulated Casework Samples
71 Alshehhi Obtaining DNA Profiles from Environmentally Challenged Crime Scene Samples Encountered in the United Arab Emirates using the RapidHIT™ System
72 Harmon Proof of Concept: Use of Rapid DNA Systems in Disaster Victim Identification
73 Amick Three Serial Burglary Cases Solved with a RapidHIT™
74 Pennati CPA300™, A Fully Automated System that Facilitates DNA Data Banking Testing
75 Yoder Improved STR Workflow through the Automation of Sample Normalization and STR Reaction Setup for PowerPlex® Systems
76 Sheen Cost Effective and Versatile DNA Process Automation for Low-Medium Throughput Forensic Laboratories using Hamilton NIMBUS 4 Robotic Platform
77 Meeker Self-Generating Robot Worklists and Complete Sample Traceability through LIMS Integration and Barcodes
78 Duncan Validation of the Hamilton AutoLys STARplusmkk for Forensic DNA Casework
79 Chang Increasing Discrimination of Degraded DNA using Quantifiler® Trio with the Ion Personal Genome Machine® Sequencer
80 Jackson Development of a Portable, Laminated Dynamic Solid-Phase DNA Extraction Method on a Rotationally-Driven Platform
81 Varlaro Development and Validation of a Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Solution for Forensic Genomics
82 Dennis Beta Testing a Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Solution for Forensic Genomics: The 20/20 Experience
83 Faith A Next-Generation Sequencing Approach to Epigenetic-Based Tissue Source Attribution
84 Calloway Analysis of mtDNA Mixtures using Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies and Custom Software
85 Baird Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing using Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics Based Analysis
86 Rolf Differentiation of Identical Twins using Next Generation Sequencing
87 Waiters Next Generation Sequencing Technology for the Identification Genetic Markers Associated with Sudden Unexplained Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
88 Anantharaman Simultaneous Sequencing of STR and SNP Markers on a Singapore Population using The Illumina MiSeq FGx System
89 Gettings STR Sequence Diversity in Population Samples and Nomenclature Guidance for the "Next Generation"
90 McRae Using SNPs for DNA Phenotyping and Kinship Inference
91 Patel Development of PowerSeq® Systems for Forensic Identification using Next Generation Sequencing
92 Rajagopalan Bioinformatics Software Solutions for NGS Data Analysis using the Ion Torrent Platform
93 Vohr Testing if Two Shotgun-Sequencing Libraries are from the Same Individual when Coverage is Very Low.
94 Schmedes Genetic Profiling using the Illumina® ForenSeq™ DNA Signature Prep Kit on the MiSeq Desktop Sequencer
95 Churchill Evaluation of the Ion PGM™ System for use in Human Identity DNA Typing
96 Stoljarova Massively Parallel Sequencing of Multiplex Short Amplicons of mtDNA from Challenged Forensic Samples
97 Zeng Evaluation of the Powerseq™ Auto System by Massively Parallel Sequencing
98 LaRue The use of Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) to Accurately and Rapidly Sequence the mtGenome of 283 Individuals from 3 North American Populations
99 Seashols Next Generation Sequencing of the miRnome of 8 Forensically Relevant Biological Fluids
100 Dembinski DNA Phenotyping: Predicting Pigmentation Traits in a United States Population
101 Gusmão Ancestry Analysis in Paternity Trios using AIM-Indel and ID-Indel Markers
102 Thompson Development of Insertion-Deletion (INDEL) Marker Panels for Ancestral and Individual Identity Genotyping
103 Kidd Microhaplotypes: A Powerful New Class of Forensic Markers
104 Perlin "Inconclusive" Three-Person Mixture Yields Guilty Plea: TrueAllele Genotype Revival
105 Allan TrueAllele Speed for Grand Jury Need: Same Day Reporting of Complex Mixtures
106 Olson Extracting Intelligence from Otherwise Uninterpretable DNA Mixtures
107 Aranda IV DNA Mixture Interpretation Study: Inter- & Intra-Laboratory Variability
108 McAnany Estimating the Probability of Allelic Drop-Out in STR DNA Profiles
109 Mountain A Comparative Analysis of Likelihood Ratio Statistical Ranking to Expected Match Ratios and Estimated Kinship Ratios for Familial DNA Searching Applications Autosomal STR Loci (D1S1656, D6S1043 And D12S391) of the PowerPlex® 21 System from the Dominican Republic Population
110 Donley The Validation of a Statistical Tool for the Analysis of DNA Mixtures
111 Capek Fun with Mixtures
112 Petrovick Determination of Familial Relationships using High-Throughput DNA Sequencing of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Markers and Custom Kinship-Analysis Software.
113 Jin Identification of Alleged Father (AF) using Incest Checker Software in a Sexual Assault Case: A Case Report
114 Fesolovich Unlocking Information in a PowerPlex® 16 HS Threshold Validation Data Set with the use of Lab Retriever
115 Kaur Paternity Cases Based on Mixtures
116 Dørum Exploring Properties of a Dropout Model for Relationship Problems
117 Kim Replication of Height GWAS in Korean Population and Evaluation of Height Prediction Model Implemented with the Genetic Markers
118 Podini Evaluation of Forensic Resource/Reference on Genetics Knowledge Base (FROG-Kb) for the Prediction of Individual Biogeographic Ancestry
119 Vijaychander Development Process Validation for Kinship Analysis Algorithm
120 Warshauer Strait Razor V2.0: the Improved STR Allele Identification Tool - Razor
121 Rodriguez Cardozo Allele Frequencies of 21 STRs Loci in an Argentine Population Sample
122 Hu Equal Contribution of the Central Plain Han and Southern Natives to the Matrilineal Genetic Composition of Chaoshanese
123 Barretto Cicarelli Estimating Mutation Rates in 20 Microsatellite Autosomal Loci in Araraquara Population, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
124 Braganholi Evaluation of Linkage Disequilibrium of Marker Sets D7S820-rs2307978 and D12S391-rs1610919 in Brazilian Samples of São Paulo State
125 Wolf A Novel Approach to Delivering Forensic Science Education
126 Davoren The Use of a Forensic Ranking Index for Assessment of DNA STR Profile Quality
127 Hermitte Set Up of a Protocol for Human Remains Collection, Shipment and Analysis in a High Throughput Laboratory.
128 Pineda Improving Workflow Efficiency for Challenging Samples Utilizing New Technologies
129 Ge Integrated Forensic DNA Data Analysis and Management - A Scalable Enterprise Solution for Forensic DNA Laboratories
130 Chang Improved DNA Swabbing and DNA Recovery from Swabs
131 Villegas Importance of a Differential Extraction Performance
132 Kharal Importance of DNA Evidence in Post Blast
133 Williams RFID Technology in Forensic Evidence Management: An Assessment of Barriers, Benefits, and Costs
134 Silvia STR Analysis of a Forensically Informative STR and SNP Multiplex using Next Generation Sequencing
135 Shugarts SNP Analysis of a Forensically Informative STR and SNP Multiplex using Next Generation Sequencing
136 Straiti Differex™ System on Maxwell®16: A Rapid Differential Extraction to Solve a Case of Sexual Abuse

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