25th International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Davies The $1000 Genome 
Crouse More than Identification? Forensic Database Loci, Medical Information, and Privacy
Kayser Perspectives in Forensic Molecular Biology 
Tjin-a-Tsoi Governance and the Power of Forensics 
Kloosterman Quality Issue Notifications in Forensic DNA Casework: Characteristics, Incidence Rates, and Impact?
Triplett Pending ISO Standards for Forensic Manufacturers 
King Discovering Richard III 
Kalafut A User Friendly Likelihood Ratio (LR) Calculator that Estimates and Incorporates the Probability of Dropout (PrD)
Lun NOCIt: A High-Accuracy Computational Method for Determining the Number of Contributors in an STR DNA Profile 
Cooper STRmix: The Application of a Continuous Statistical Model Expert System to Forensic Casework in New Zealand (and Australia)
Antunes DNA Methylation Markers as a Powerful Technique to Discriminate Body Fluids Present in Crime Scenes
Sinha Development of a Novel Multiplexed DNA Analysis System for Highly Degraded DNA Samples
Ludeman Enhanced Return of Interpretable Results from Challenging Samples with the Globalfiler™ Kit
Didier Internal Validation and Implementation of the PowerPlex® Fusion Amplification System for Forensic DNA Casework
Muller Development of the Investigator STR GO! Kits for Direct Amplification of Reference Samples 
McLaren PowerPlex® ESI and ESX Fast Systems
Decorte The Identification of the Mummified Head of the French King Henry IV and a Presumed Blood Sample from the French King Louis XVI – Solving the Controversies through a Genealogical DNA Approach 
Holland The Boy in the Iron Coffin
Fitzpatrick DNA Identification of Missing-Identity Children from the Holocaust
Hampikian Amanda Knox: How DNA Convicted and Freed an Innocent Woman
Hampikian Nullomer Tags: DNA Safeguard Against Contamination
Schellberg Forensic DNA Policy and Funding Update: The US and Abroad
Hares Overview of the FBI’s CODIS Program 
Callaghan FBI Plan for Rapid DNA Integration and Enhancement of CODIS 
Seo Large Panels of SNPs for Human Identity Typing are Feasible with Current Generation Sequencing (CGS) Technology 
Faith Evaluation of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies for PCR-Based STR Genotyping
Stephens Development of a Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Solution for Forensic Genomics 

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