23rd International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Cox Validation Of QIAgility Robotic Workstation For Quantifiler™ Human And Quantifiler™ Y Reaction Plate Setup
2 de Jong Eliminating the Risk of User-Error, Sample-Switching and Contamination During Forensic DNA Extraction: Developmental Vvalidation of the AutoLys STAR
3 Hahn Implementation of the Hamilton STARlet® in a CODIS DNA Databasing Laboratory
4 Ng Validation of the Beckman Biomek® NXP Laboratory Automation Workstation For Automated FTA™ Wash In Paternity Testing
5 Seo Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Typing Using the Ion Torrent PGM™
6 Roby ChimeraHID™ and ArmedXpert™: Mixture Deconvolution Programs for Short Tandem Repeat Data
7 Ge Kinship Index Variations Among Populations and Thresholds for Familial Searching
8 Kal Familial Searching Combining Autosomal and Y chromosomal STRs and Surnames
9 Brown Maximization Of DNA Recovery From Contact/Touch Evidence: Using the Eppendorf Vacufuge® Plus With The QIAGEN DNA Investigator Kit
10 Grisedale Comparison of STR Profiling from Low Template DNA Extracts With and Without the Consensus Profiling Method
11 Burnside An Optimized Protocol for Extraction of Mitochondrial DNA from Hair Shafts
12 Seo A Systematic Approach for Reduction of STR Stutter Peak Heights from LCN Samples
13 Warshauer An Investigation of the Transfer of Saliva-Derived DNA
14 Warshauer Validation of the PLEX-ID™ mtDNA Assay for Use in Forensics
15 André Genetic Analysis of Insertion-Deletion Polymorphisms for Forensic Use in the Uruguayan Population
16 Bintz Detection of Low-level DNA Sequences Associated with Nuclear Mitochondrial Pseudogenes (NUMTS) from Human Mitochondrial Control Region Amplicons Using Massively Parallel 454 Pyrosequencing
17 Dixon Assessment of the Casework Implementation of Messenger RNA Body Fluid Testing
18 LaRue INNULs, a New Strategy for Human Identification Based on Retrotransposable Elements
19 Klein Detection of Deletion/Insertion Polymorphisms from Evidence Samples
20 Parker Use of Hair Shaft Protein to Obtain Measures of Identity
21 Podini Triple Primed PCR of SE33: A Novel Method for Allele Sequence Determination
22 Builes Gómez Colombian Results Of The Interlaboratory Quality Control Exercise 2011
23 Schneida Effective Evidence Screening and Documentation for DNA Analysis
24 Seferyn Expedited DNA Analysis and Demographic Comparison of Evidentiary Samples from ~1,800 Property Crime Cases
25 Cavanaugh Lessons from the Bench: Moving NGS from Research to Application by Implementing Logical QA/QC Measures
26 Brown Validation Of QIAGEN's Investigator Quantiplex Kit For DNA Casework
27 Pionzio The Effects of DNA Sequence and Length on Inhibitor Interactions in Real Time PCR Amplification
28 Bochmann How To Improve STR Analysis Using A Novel Quantification Technology: More Than DNA Quantification
29 McLaren Early customer data using Promega chemistries on the RapidHIT™ 200
30 Butts Rapid DNA Testing Approaches for Reference Samples
31 Cohen Automated Multianalyte Screening for Classification of Forensic Samples
32 Cohen Sample-to-Sequence Analyzer for Human ID Applications
33 Elliot Applications of Rapid DNA
34 Elliot A US Government Field Trial Using the RapidHIT™ 200 Human Identification System
35 Faith Evaluation of Standard Reference Sample Types for Next Generation Sequence-Based Genotyping
36 McCord Rapid Direct PCR, a Simple Method for Producing Genotypes in 20 Minutes
37 McIntosh Integrated Software for a Fully Automated STR Analysis System
38 Smith Comparison of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Control Region Next-Generation Sequence Data Obtained Using the Roche GS Junior® and Illumina® MiSeq platform
39 Stawski Preparing Sequencing Libraries Of Human Mitochondrial DNA Using Illumina® Nextera® XT And NEBNext® dsDNA Fragmentase® Technology For Massively Parallel Sequencing
40 Klein An Assessment of the GeneMapper® ID-X Mixture Analysis Software Tool for the Interpretation of Mixtures with Two Contributors
41 Davoren DNA Analysis from Forensic Evidentiary Material in Less than Two Hours
42 Root A Multichannel Microdevice for PCR Amplification and Electrophoretic Separation of DNA
43 Schmedes Application of Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) Reduces Impact of PCR Inhibitors
44 Ambers Assessing the Role of DNA Repair and Whole Genome Amplification in Forensically Relevant Samples
45 Castillo Recoverability Of Forensic DNA From Cotton Swabs In The Presence Of DNAgard™
46 Kavlick Serology by qPCR Array
47 Kelly A Case of Biological Relationship, Questionable by a Sibling Test, is Supported by Direct Parentage Testing
48 Lardi Importance of Drying Performance for the Conservation of DNA
49 Lawrence Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT): Potential Applications in Forensic Sample Preparation
50 Lee Evaluation Of Biomatrica’s Forensic DNA Stable Laboratory Validation Kit
51 Lee New Strategies to Overcoming PCR Inhibition Using Mutant Taq Polymerases and PCR Enhancers
52 McKeown ParaDNA®: Advance Knowledge to the Investigator
53 Orrego Benavente Assessment by qPCR of DNA Binding to Plastic Microfuge Tubes
54 Li Evaluation of Methods to Process Bone Evidence for Forensic DNA Analysis
55 Pfoser Validation of the QIAgility Liquid Handler for Automated PCR Setup
56 Reich Mapping Duct Tape for the Presence of Saliva using Phadebas® Press Sheets
57 Robertson PreCR® Repair Mix Restoration of Partial STR Profiles Resulting from DNA Damaging Agents
58 Sedaka Differential Extraction Using Erase Sperm Isolation Kit
59 Stenersen DNA Analysis for DVI and Other Identification Purposes - Evaluation of the COPAN 4N6™FLOQSwabs for Collection of Blood or Tissue Samples
60 Strong Searching for Spermatozoa
61 Thompson Evaluation of Pressure Cycling Treatment on Barocycler® NEP3229 for Extraction of Low-Template Forensic DNA Samples
62 Waiters Comparative Evaluation of Methods to Remove Exogenous DNA from Tooth Samples
63 Oste Novel Procedure for High Recovery Yield of Trace Amounts of DNA Stored at Room Temperature
64 Faccinetto A Comprehensive Approach To Casework Sample Analysis: Comparison Of The Today Available Kits And Solutions
65 Cunningham Effective Long-term Preservation of Biological Evidence
66 Morales Automated Punching Using the Hamilton easyPunch with Whatman™ FTA™ Cards for Efficient and Accurate Processing of Forensic Database Samples
67 Morales Versatile Punching Using e-Core™ with Whatman™ FTA™ Cards for Efficient Processing of Forensic DNA Database Samples
68 Schroeder Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ethylene Oxide Decontamination for the Reduction of DNA in Plastics Used for DNA Extraction
69 Watsula Comparison of Evidence Storage Methods for Transfer of DNA to Evidence Packaging
70 Donfack Application of a Forensic SNP Array to Predict Biogeographical Ancestry, Gender and Y-Haplotype Groups from Blinded DNA Samples
71 Paulson Initial Investigation of the Erase Sperm Isolation Kit
72 Paulson Preliminary QIAcube Testing
73 Culhane Microcon® 100 vs Microcon® DNA Fast Flow
74 Perepechina Is There a Future for Forensic Studies of the Health Information?
75 Schubbert Successful SNP genotyping by MALDI-TOF™ Mass Spectrometry with DNA Extracted from Human Blood Serum Samples with DNA IQ™ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell®16
76 van Daal Prediction of Human Pigmentation Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) Markers
77 Lagacé Applications of Ion Torrent PGM™ in Human Identification
78 Wang VeriFiler™ Direct PCR Amplification Kit for Paternity Testing
79 Nava Hernandez Identification of Bodies that were Submersed In Sulfuric Acid, Using the STRs
80 Hickey Optimization of the PowerPlex®18D System For Microfluidic Amplification of STR Loci
81 Freeman Results Of DNA Processing Of Unselected Sexual Assault Evidence
82 Donley Evaluation of Half Reaction Volumes of the AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus Forensic Amplification Kit in STR Analysis
83 Hall An Evaluation of Direct PCR Amplification
84 Hill Population Statistics on the Proposed Expanded U.S. Core Loci
85 Manríquez Naveas Evaluation of PowerPlex® 18D System Using ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer
86 Sprecher Development of the PowerPlex® Fusion System
87 Reynolds DNA Identification of Human Remains Obtained from a Tiger Shark
88 Chang Improvements in Direct Amplification: From Sample to Result in 2 Hours
89 Riego Establishing a Good Method for DNA Extraction in Chemically Treated Bone
90 Riego Allele Frequencies for 22 Autosomal STR Loci from the Dominican Republic Population
91 Diegoli A Study of Recombination between 15 X Chromosomal Short Tandem Repeat Markers in Multigenerational Family Pedigrees
92 Alape Ariza Evaluation of Simple and Complex Cases of Paternity Testing Agreement Within the Agency, ICBF and INMLCF for Year 2011
93 Barretto Cicarelli Contribution of the Human Identification by DNA Test in the Brazilian Families Rights
94 Doneva Inter-tissue Somatic Mosaicism in Blood, Hair, and Epithelial Cheek Cells at the ABI AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Loci and its Effect on Forensic DNA Interpretation
95 Moon Validation of a Rapid Direct PCR and a Multiplex Single Base Extension Method for ABO Blood Genotyping
96 Perlin Commonwealth of Virginia v Michael Gardner
97 Perruccio Soler Genetic Variability for 25 Autosomal STR Markers, 12 Chromosome X Markers and 30 INDELs in a Brazilian Population Sample
98 van Kooten Case report: DNA identification of a World War II Victim
99 Yunis Your Mom is Not Your Mother: Three Interesting Cases
100 Coble An Evaluation of Additional Y-STR Loci in the PowerPlex® Y23 Kit
101 Acosta Loyo PowerPlex® Y23 Prototype Kit: An Internal Validation
102 Lim Applications of Y-STR Typing in Forensic Casework
103 Faccinetto Internal Validation Study of the PowerPlex® Y23 System for Reference Samples and Database Analysis
104 Ewing Development of a New PowerPlex® System for Y-STR Testing
105 Boselli Touch DNA - The Forensic Use of Solid and Porous Matrices Coated with Polyanilines in the Selective Separation of Biopolymers from Nucleic Acids
106 Giraldo Ramírez Forensic Case: Sex Determination
107 Ornes de Podesta Triallelic Patterns Found in Dominican Population in Referencia Laboratorio Clinico
108 Ortega Segura DNA Analysis for the Identification of Human Remains, Medellin - Colombia, 2007-2011
109 Mendez Menezes Brazilian Missing Children DNA Database
110 Chemale Development and Validation of a D-Loop mtDNA SNPs Assay for the Screening of Specimens in Forensic Casework
111 Rosas Gestational Trophoblastic Disease - The Paternal Origin of a “Mole”
112 Gonzalez Celedon Internal Validation of Promega PowerPlex® 18D System on the ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer
113 Freitas Development of a Real Time PCR Assay for Human Mitochondrial DNA Quantification in Forensic Samples
114 Li Concordance Study on Major STR Multiplex Kits and the Effect of Using Multiple Kits on the China National DNA Database

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