23rd International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Starr The Killer of Little Shepherds
Poinar Sequencing the Black Death Genome
Hares Overview of the FBI’s CODIS Program
Berdine Simulation Studies of Relatedness Searching in Forensic DNA Databases
Roewer Enlargement of the YHRD and Accommodation of New Y-STRs to Support Court Going Cases
Budowle The Power of Y-STR Typing: Development, Applications and Practices
Wang Development of a “Global” STR Multiplex for Human Identification Analysis
Storts Introduction of an Expanded STR Multiplex for New Global Standards
Perlin DNA Mapping the Crime Scene: Do Computers Dream of Electric Peaks?
Walsh The HIrisPlex System for Simultaneous Prediction of Hair and Eye Colour from DNA
Bansal All-in-One Tool for Inference of Bio-Geographic Ancestry, Appearance and Relatedness from DNA
Davis DNA Profiling of Database Reference Samples Using Second Generation Sequencing
Calloway PCR and Probe Based Enrichment Assays for Deep Sequencing mtDNA
Holt Integrated Forensic Genetics Using Next Generation Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS)
Reynolds DNA Identification of Human Remains Obtained from a Tiger Shark
Rumrill Keep the Home Fires Burning! A DNA Analyst’s Journey into the Bizarre Murders on the Remote Grounds of the “Silver Leopard Farm” in Epping, NH in 2006
Peters The Identification of the Victims of John Wayne Gacy
Roby The Identification of the Victims Tortured and Murdered During General Pinochet’s Dictatorship in Chile
Profili Classroom in the Woods
Butt The Cleveland Strangler Case
Mestman Interpol DNA Hit Catches International Serial Rapist-Only the Second Interpol DNA Hit with the United States
Choung Introduction of the Korean DNA Identification in National Forensic Services
Hartman Bladder Swabs as a Suitable Source of DNA from Incinerated Deceased Persons-Our Preliminary Findings
Kreikemeier Touch DNA: A National Survey of Submission Policies and Laboratory Procedures
Edler Turning Back Time…Challenges Faced with Virginia’s Groundbreaking DNA Post Conviction Project

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