21st International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Clark Implementing the DNA IQ™ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell® 16
2 Stipanovic Validation of the Tecan EVO 150 for use in Forensic Casework
3 Tan Automated DNA Extraction from Blood, Cigarette Butts and Tissues Using DNA IQ™ Casework Sample Kit on Maxwell® 16 Instrument
4 Taylor Casework Validation of the QiaSymphony Automated Extraction System
5 Turnbough Competitive Extraction Robot Audit: A Comparison of the Applied Biosystems AutoMate Express™, Qiagen® EZ1® Advanced XL, and the Promega Maxwell® 16
6 Holt An Automated Bench-Top System for Extraction of High Quality DNA from Biological Materials
7 Thomas Optimization of the Normalization and STR Setup for the Biomek® NXP
8 Hwang DNA Profiling and National Database in Korea
9 van der Beek It's All Relative(s): Familial Searching in the Netherlands
10 Hughes-Stamm Assessment of DNA Degradation and the Predictive Genotyping Success of Highly Degraded Samples
11 van Daal Low Copy Number DNA Analysis: Procedure and Practice
12 Yip Applying a Minimum Amplifiable DNA Threshold to Sexual Assault Samples
13 Yunis Comparison of Two DNA Isolation Methods from Human Skeletal Remains for STR Analysis
14 Sosa Nuclear DNA Typing from Ancient Teeth
15 O'Hanlon Comparison of Thermal Cyclers and the Amplification Kits to Assess the Analysis of Low Copy Number DNA
16 Ivanov mtDNA Typing in Single Cell Isolated by Laser Microdissection
17 Ovchinnikov The Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of Archival Saliva Specimens from Central Asia
18 Shin mtDNAprofiler: A Web-Based Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analysis Tool
19 Duncan Developmental Validation of an STR Genotyping Assay Providing Base Composition Analysis by PCR/Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
20 El-Sissi Apollog 200™ Human Identity Testing System — Initial Performance Results on Various Sample Types
21 Harper Relative Human and Bacterial Contribution from Total RNA Extracts of Five Human Forensic-Like Stains
22 Kinnon Towards and Integrated, Valveless, Plastic Microdevice for Enzyme-Based DNA Preparation and PCR for Forensic STR Analysis
23 Landers Demonstration of Rapid STR Separations on Polymeric Microfluidic Devices with a Robust Detection System
24 McElfresh Utilizing Ultra-High Density SNP Arrays to Analyze Forensic Mixtures: An Operational Assessment
25 Tate Evaluation of Circular DNA Substrates for Whole Genome Amplification Prior to Forensic Analysis
26 Aboud A Rapid Penta STR Screening Method by Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis
27 Bienvenue The Development of integrated Microfluidic Systems for Portable, Rapid, and Automated STR Analysis
28 Scherer DIPplex: Multiplex Analysis of Detection Insertion Polymorphisms for Human Identification
29 Feldman Typing and Resolution of Mixed Contributor Mitochondrial DNA Samples Using Massively-Parallel Deep Amplicon Pyrosequencing
30 Norris Rapid PCR Amplification of STR Loci Using Microfluidic Devices
31 Lounsbury Preparation of High Quality, PCR-Ready DNA from Semen and Mock Sexual Assault Samples using an Enzymatic Preparation Method
32 Alrowaithi Evaluation of Microcapillary Devices for Genetic Identity Testing
33 Condel Error Rates in Siblingship Determinations
34 Lewis Reverse DNA Profiling: Generation of a DNA Profile Using Children of a Suspected Deceased
35 O'Connor Candidate Reference Family Data: A Tool for Validating Kinship Analysis Software
36 Fitzpatrick Use of Genetic Genealogy Databases as an Adjunct to CODIS
37 Castillo In Motherless Identification Cases it is Possible Pass a Child by the Father
38 Lapadula STRVillage: A Large-Scale Virtual Pedigree Generator
39 Bullock Comparison of Microvariants at DYS458 in Iraq, Afghanistan, and U.S. Populations
40 Butler Characterization of Additional STR Loci: D12S391, D1S1656, D2S441, D10S1248, D22S1045, SE33
41 Marrero Y-Chromosome Halotype Database in Venezuelan Central region and its Comparison with Others Venezuelan Populations
42 Nuñez Characterization of Y-STR, Autosomal STR Loci and mtDNA Control Region in a Population from Nicaragua and Study of the Population Substructure
43 Gavilan Comparative Analysis of 10 X-STR of a Peruvian Population with 15 Iberian and Latin American Populations
44 Adams Refining Laboratory SOPS for Enhanced Consistency Through Incorporation of SWGDAM'S Guidelines for Autosomal STR Typing
45 Albert Accuracy Matters when Quantitative, Manually-Pipetted PCR Assays Transfer to Automation — A Story in Diagnosing and Troubleshooting
46 Burg A Comprehensive Sample Barcoding Program to Automate Witness Steps for Forensic Casework
47 Hebble Custom Products and Services - Exactly What You Want
48 Henry Evaluating a Means of Reducing the Current Cost of Setting up a DNA Lab Through Equipment Choice and a Novel Multi-Plexing and Gender Typing Quantification Method
49 Jones An Innovative Approach to Efficiently Processing Known DNA Standards
50 Kupferschmid 100% Increase in Lab Productivity due to the Implementation of Lean-Six Sigma Practices
51 Laurin Adopting Faster DNA Extraction and PCR Amplification Protocols to Enhance STR Casework Processing
52 Pearson Call for Quality: Forensic Quality Standards
53 Frégeau New Analytical Process for Convicted Offender Samples Submitted to the Canadian National DNA Data Bank
54 Thomas Increasing Efficiency for Sequencing of Reference Samples by Eliminating Time-Consuming Steps
55 Yarlagadda Implementation of Quality Assurance Program in Deployed Forensic Laboratories
56 Pietras Operators as Sources of Error — Improved Efficiency Through Pipetting Technique Training
57 Bolin Validation of the Eppendorf epMotion 5075 TMX System for use with the Applied Biosystems PrepFiler™ Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit
58 Thurmond Extreme Makeover: Laboratory Edition
59 Budowle Hi-Flow® — Novel Large Volume Columns for DNA Extraction
60 Hadinoto Evaluation of the Biomatrica™ SampleMatrix® Room-Temperature DNA Storage System: 3-Year Data
61 Lee Enhancement Strategies for Overcoming PCR Inhibitors
62 Li Characterizing a Simple Sample Processing Method for DNA Isolation from Forensic Bone Specimens
63 Mandrekar DNA IQ™ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell® 16; Improved Performance for Forensic Casework
64 Ramos Validation and Automation of Processing the Bode Buccal DNA Collector Using PowerPlex® 16 HS
65 Marshall Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) Applications for Forensic DNA Analysis
66 Pierce Isolation of Nucleic Acid from Solid Supports: A Comparison of Buccal DNA Sample Collectors
67 Robertson Dual Extraction of DNA and mRNA from Human Body Fluids for Forensic Analysis
68 Cardozo Analysis of the Different Supports in Alternative Samples Used in the Identification of Possible Missing Persons Descendants
69 Smitherman Orchid Cellmark's Osteo-Pure™ Bone Extraction Procedure Captures Degraded DNA to Improve STR Results
70 Kitayama Quantitative PCR Assays for the Estimation of the DNA Degradation in Bone Samples
71 Tjhen Comparison of Three Different Blood Extraction Methods
72 Vigil Evaluation of Three Different Adhesive Tapes for the Collection of Epithelial Cells and the Subsequent Micro-isolation for PCR Analysis
73 Nori Application of Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) in Differential Extraction
74 Lapointe Internal Validation of Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit
75 Thompson An Analysis of Binding Mechanisms for Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) Inhibition Using Efficiency and Melting Curve Effects
76 Bush Optimization of DNA Extraction Buffer Used in Conjunction with DNA IQ™
77 Aranda Alternative Paper Matrix for the Collection, Transport, Archiving, and Processing of Biological Samples
78 Driscoll Optimization of Front-End Touch Sample Processing Techniques
79 Stevenson How Cleaning Agents Adversely Affect a Forensic Biology Laboratory
80 Di Pasquale Streamlined Forensic Workflow with the Investigator™ Quantiplex Kit and Automated Reaction Setup
81 Vagell The Role of Ultrafiltration Membranes in the Recovery of DNA with Centrifugal Concentrators
82 Butler Development of a SNP Assay Panel for Ancestral Origin Inference and Individual Somatic Traits
83 Park Screening of Useful SNP Markers for Missing Children Identification in Korea
84 Mallinder Development and Implementation of DNA Mixture Interpretation Software
85 Perlin Inclusion Probability is a Likelihood Ratio: Implications for DNA Mixtures
86 Smejkal Automated CODIS Upload for Forensic Casework
87 Snyder-Leiby Comparison of STR Analysis Results from .hid and .fsa Files Using GeneMarker® HID
88 van Kooten Bonaparte DVI: Software Based on Bayesian Networks Assists in DVI After the Afiqiyah Airways Flight 8U771 Crash in Tripoli
89 Maguire Dealing with Apparent Mutations in Relationship Analysis — Development of a Mathematical Model and its Incorporation into the FSS DNA Lineage Software
90 Gehrig Validation of the PowerPlex® ESX 17 and ESI 17 Systems and Swiss Population Data
91 Kelly Validation of PowerPlex 16 HS and Powerplex ESX16 on the Applied Biosystems 3500xL
92 Gorman Single Source Male Profiles from Sexual Assault Evidence Erase — Sperm Isolation Kit
93 Kahn Identifiler Plus Validation for Forensic Casework and Implications for Quantification of Inhibited Samples
94 Lohmueller Analysis of Allelic Drop-Out Using the Identifiler STR Multiplex
95 Lopez-Casamichana DNA Profiling of Unidentified Deceased People from Mexico City
96 McLaren Reduced Cycle Time Methods for the PowerPlex® ESX and ESI Systems
97 Oostdik Performance of the PowerPlex® 18D System, a Direct Amplification STR System with Reduced Thermal Cycling Time
98 Salih Critical Factors in the Application of the PowerPlex® 16 HS Kit
99 Schubbert Reproducibility of DNA Profiles from Mixed Blood Samples
100 Stuhlmiller Implementation of a 21-Locus Panel for Human Relationship Testing
101 Green The AmpFLSTR® NGM SElect™ Kit: A Next Generation Multiplex
102 Nolde STR WARS: A Comparison of PowerPlex® 16 Hot Start and Identifiler® Plus
103 Alape Human DNA Identification of Nine Bodies Disarticulated, Fragmented and Mixed Recovered of Two Contiguos Mass Graves Located in Magdalena Department of Colombia from 35 Bones Fragments
104 Huaigu Rapid and Direct Identification of STR Loci Using Multiplex Fluorescent PCR Amplification Systems
105 Gopalakrishnan Guidelines for Use of PowerPlex Kits on Applied Biosystems 3500/3500XL Genetic Analyzer
106 Davis Examination of Y STR Loci to Enhance Paternal Lineage Forensic Analyses
107 Zeller Incorporating an Automated Differential Wash Procedure Enhances Lab Efficiency
108 Bessetti Identity Automation: Providing the Tools & the Support Necessary for Successful Automated Forensic Sample Processing
109 Lago Evaluation of a New Amplification Multiplex System for Human Identification
110 Rodriguez Molecular Detection of New Allelic Variants from Forensic Samples in Columbia
111 Yet Through the Laboratory Door and into the CODIS Database in Less Than 2 Hours: The Benefits of Improved Amplification Chemistry in a Databasing Laboratory
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