21st International Symposium on Human Identification Oral Presentations

Note: Documents in this collection are in PDF format.

Author Title
Lisa Hurst Forensic DNA Legislation and Funding Update: The US and Abroad
Ingo Bastisch Proposed Forensic Quality Standards
Kristen Lewis O'Connor Evaluating the Effect of Additional Forensic Loci on Likelihood Ratio Values for Complex Kinship Analysis
Jianye Ge Comparing DNA Based Familial Searching Policies
Julie French Through the Laboratory Door and into the CODIS Database in Less than 2 Hours: The Benefits of Improved Amplification Chemistry in a Databasing Laboratory
Jeff Sailus Development and Validation of the 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer
Susan Greenspoon Optimization and Validation of the Biomek NX for the Automation of Forensic Sample Processing
James Landers Defining New Microfluidic Methodologies for Forensic DNA Sample Preparation: Harnessing the Power of Magnetic and Acoustic Forces for DNA Analysis
Andy Hopwood A microTAS DNA Analysis System: Sample to Match in 2.5 Hours
Stevan Jovanovich Apollo 200™ Human Identity Testing System — the First Fully Integrated, Sample-to-Profile STR-Based System for Forensics
Thomas Hall Analysis of DNA Forensic Markers Using High-Performance Mass Spectrometry
Mara Lennard Richard Evaluation of mRNA Markers for the Identification of Five Human Body Fluids
Carsten Pusch Ancestry and Pathology in King Tutankhamun's Family
Mark Perlin Explaining the Likelihood Ratio in DNA Mixture Interpretation
Martin Bill Implementation of Next Generation DNA Expert Systems
Amy Mason Battlefield Forensics: DNA Labs in Iraq and Afghanistan
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