19th International Symposium on Human Identification Poster Abstracts

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Poster # Author Title
1 Andres Parentage Testing for a Chimpanzee Family Using ABI AmpFLSTR®- Identifiler and ABI AmpFLSTR®- Y-Filer
2 Jobin Forensic DNA Typing in Moose (Alces alces) in Canada
3 Koskinen Canine-Specific Multi-plex STR Kit for Use in Forensic Casework
4 Packer Forensic DNA Typing in Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos) in Alberta, Canada
5 Roy Ferrets or Us: How Similar Are We?
6 Thompson The Application of DNA Identification Technology to Large Wildlife Carnivore Attacks on Humans
7 Arihood Validation of Applied Biosystems' AmpFlSTR MiniFiler PCR Amplification Kit
8 Aspinwall A Novel Approach to Identifying Optimal Collection Locations of Trace Level DNA Evidence
9 Calacal Comparison of DNA Extraction Procedures for Human Bone Identification
10 Dean Degradability of Both a Physical Latent Fingerprint and its Associated Extracted DNA
11 Dickover STR Genotyping of DNA From Latent Fingerprint Cards
12 Eisenberg Utility of the Maxwell® 16 and the DNA IQ™ Reference Sample Kit for the Purification of DNA from Bone Samples
13 Hall Targeted Genome Amplification to Support STR Profiling of Low Copy Number DNA Samples
14 Shin Short Tandem Repeat Typing for the Identification of Skeletal Remains From Korean War Victims
15 Le Recovering DNA Profiles From Low Quantity and Low Quality Forensic Samples
16 Roberts The Recovery of Mitochondrial DNA From the Attached Side of Self-Adhesive Stamps
17 Stevens No Man Left Behind: DNA Identification of the DUSTWUNS
18 Utz Trace DNA: A Comparison of DNA Recovery Using the Classical Swab Technique versus the Hydrosoluble Adhesive Tape
19 Williams DNA Typing of Unidentified Human Remains
20 Fukuma Evaluation of Prototyped Kit for DNA Extraction on Degraded Skeletal Remains
21 Zimmermann DNA Damage in Preserved Specimens and Tissue Samples: A Molecular Assessment
22 Alkhazin Validation of Tecan Freedom EVO Model 200 Robot in High-Throughput Offender DNA Extraction
23 Asogawa Development of Portable and Rapid Human DNA Analysis System Aiming On-Site Screening
24 Dixon Enhanced Quantifiler® Data Analysis Using the 7500 Real Time PCR System and 7500 HID Software v1.0
25 Haddad Normalization of DNA Yield Using the DNA IQ™ System and a Qiagen M48 BioRobot
26 Marjanovic Usage of the PowerPlex® S5 Mini-STR System in LCN DNA Testing
27 Lents Forensic Validation of the iPrep™ DNA Purification System
28 Lubenow Development of a New Platform for Fully Automated Medium- to High-Throughput Purification of Nucleic Acids from a Broad Spectrum of Forensic Specimens
29 Malik Test Site Studies of the PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit. A Comparison With Manual Extraction Using Organic Solvents and Automated Extraction With the Invitrogen iPrep™ Purification Instrument
30 Morton Validation of Applied Biosystems 3730 Genetic Analyzer for High-Throughput Offender Testing Using Identifiler
31 Fernandez Internal Validation of the Qiagen BioRobot® EZ1 Advanced: An Quick, Automated Extraction System
32 Mayntz-Press Evaluation and Comparison of Robotic Systems for Forensic Casework Laboratories
33 Scherer Automated Extraction of Forensic Samples Using Established Spin Column Technology on the QIAcube
34 Tan Genebench-FX™, a Ruggedized Microfluidic-Based DNA Separation and Detection System for Field Forward Human Identity Testing
35 Driscoll Physical Separation and STR Analysis of Forensic Mixtures Using Laser Microdissection and Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization
36 Kelley-Primozic Micro-manipulation and Isolation Techniques for the Collection of Spermatozoa from Smear Slides and Subsequent Analysis of DNA
37 Calloway A Highly Informative Multiplex PCR and Linear Array Probe Panel Targeting 61 Polymorphic Sites Distributed Throughout the Mitochondrial Genome
38 Corretjer Prolonged Fluid Shear Stress Induce Partial Genetic Profile During Forensic DNA Analysis
39 Hanson Hypsochromic Spectral Shifts of the Hemoglobin Soret Band Correlate With the Time Since Deposition (TSD) of Dried Bloodstains
40 Kaplan Development of a Y Chromosome SNP Multiplex for the Sequenom MassARRAY® System
41 Lennard Richard mRNA Profiling of Body Fluids; Stability with Exposure to Rain
42 Marrone The Fundamental Biochemistry of Dry State DNA: Hydrolytic Reactions
43 Vogelsberg A Performance Evaluation and Optimization of a Prototype High-Throughput gDNA Extraction Kit
44 Chen Mutational Events in the STR Locus D21S11, D18S51 of Parents Allele Mismatch in the Child
45 López Amelogenin Y Null: A First Case Reported in Puerto Rico
46 Lai Chimeric Individuals Masquerading as Mixtures
47 Nascimento DNA Typing of a Case of Incest by the Study of Autosomal STRs—Case Study
48 Wilson The Use of X-STR Loci in Difficult Relationship Tests
49 Eom A Case Report of STR Analysis to Distinguish Between Donor and Recipient at the Bone Marrow Transplantation Specimens
50 Yunis Tetragametic Chimerism. Nature Rarities or Not an Unusual Finding in Paternity Testing Studies?
51 Yunis Unusual Finding in a Paternity Testing Case With an XX Alleged Father
52 Alshamali Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in Ethiopia
53 Bryant Anomalies in 67 Y-Chromosome STR Loci
54 Davis Using DNA to Characterize Human Migration Patterns: The Basque of the American Northwest
55 Hashiyada Haplogroup Determination of Mitochondrial DNA in Japanese Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Analysis
56 Hussain Analysis of CODIS and Y-STR Loci in Different Pakistani Ethnic Groups
57 Shin Genetic Polymorphism and Haplotype Analysis of Mentype® Argus X-8 STR Loci in Koreans
58 Lee Identification and Characterization of the Microvariant Alleles in Korean Populations
59 Luckau Characterization of 67 Y-STR Loci from a Database of Over 100,000 Males
60 MacMillan A Y-STR Mixture Frequency Estimator
61 Meng A Novel Diplex of Penta D and Penta E and Population Data in Taiwan
62 Fernandez Genetic Variation for 15 Autosomal STR Loci (Identifiler) in a Puerto Rico Database Population
63 Mizuno DNA Analysis of the Japanese Y Chromosome Using 7 Binary Markers
64 Silva Genetic Variation of Y-STR and Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups Among the Libyan Population
65 Tagliabracci The Genetic Structure of Y Chromosome in the Italians
66 Vega-Navarrette Allele Frequency of 15 STR Loci in Mestizos From Yucatan, Mexico
67 Borchardt-Gardner Increasing Laboratory Efficiency and Reducing Costs Through Improvements in Success Rates
68 Hadinoto The Evaluation of Multiple Secondary Cleanup Methods on Common PCR Inhibitors Encountered in Forensic Casework
69 Milne Strategies for Increasing Allele Calls in Forensic Casework Using PCR Enhancements and Commercial Post Amplification Clean Up Systems
70 Turkington Enzyme Activity in Stored Supernatants from Biological Samples
71 Roberts Investigations on the Use of SampleMatrix™ to Capture and Stabilize Crime Scene Biological Samples for Optimized Analysis and Room Temperature Storage
72 Sikorsky Making House Calls: The Palm Beach County Forensic Biology Unit's Experience With Outsourcing Validation
73 Tack An Excursion Down an Outback Automation Highway: The Progression of an Australian Forensic Biology Laboratory Toward an Automated, High-Throughput Facility
74 Abati Validation of Plexor HY System on Biomek 3000
75 Aranda IV Evaluation and Comparison of Quantification Methods for Human RNA over a 104 Concentration Range
76 Cotton Investigation of Reproducibility and Error Associated With Real Time Quantitative PCR Methods
77 Hein Plexor HY® Human Quantitation Kit Performance Using the BioRad CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection Platform
78 Illescas Internal Validation of Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit and AmpFLSTR® YFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit
79 Kavlick Real-time Quantitative PCR Assay for Quantification of Mitochondrial DNA
80 McCord A Study of PCR Inhibition Mechanisms in STR Genotyping by Quantitative PCR
81 Al Salih Developmental Validation of Promega Plexor HY System for the Quantification of Autosomal and Male Human DNA Using the Roche Lightcycler 480
82 Bostwick Using Expert Systems for Casework Analysis of Degraded and Inhibited Single Source Samples
83 Forman Neall OSIRIS Quality Assurance Software for Multiplex STR Profiles
84 Perlin A Match Likelihood Ratio for DNA Comparison
85 Perlin Identifying Victim Remains From Uncertain Data
86 Phillips The Relationship Testing Application of GeneMarker® HID: Automated Pedigree and Kinship Analysis With Database Searching Capabilities
87 Thomas DNA Analysis of an Extended Pedigree and Evaluation of Kinship Software Tools
88 Young A Focused Study on One Major Benefit of Expert System Implementation: The Time Savings
89 Craig An Evaluation of the Sperm Cell Staining Kit, Sperm Hy-Liter™
90 Decker Determining Contributor Profiles From DNA Mixtures of Varying Ratios
91 Fahrner Case Study: Analysis of an Anorectal Swab Alleged to Contain Canine Sperm Using a Fluorescently Labeled Human Sperm Head Specific Antibody
92 Fischer Internal Validation of the Sperm HY-LITER™ Kit for the Identification of Human Sperm Cells in Forensic Samples
93 Mercurio Male DNA Recovery From Extended Post-coital Interval Cervicovaginal Swabs Under Variable Conditions
94 Roberts An Evaluation of the Stability of Seminal Fluid Recovered From Condoms: Spermatozoa Morphology, STR and mtDNA Analysis
95 Schweers Developmental Validation of Sperm HY-LITER™: A Specific, Sensitive, and Confirmatory Screening Method for Human Sperm Detection From Sexual Assault Evidence
96 Sebetan Effects of Nonoxynol-9 Exposure on Biological Evidence From a Condom
97 Vandewoestyne Automatic Detection of Spermatozoa for Laser Capture Microdissection
98 Fransway Enzyme Olympics—Performance Evaluation of 18 Commercially Available DNA Polymerases in an Optimized Multiplex PCR Reaction
99 Gehrig Genetic Identification of Dead Persons: Which Reference Sample Should be Used?
100 Koskinen High-Performance PCR Human Identification Systems
101 Lara Optimization of Proteinase K, Incubation Time, and Agitation in Genomic DNA Isolation for High Throughput Extractions
102 López "Maxx": Bioethical Issues Behind Typing the Biological Gender of a Person
103 Meininger Evaluation and Validation of Purification Columns for Forensic DNA Extraction
104 Schubbert Sensitivity of Forensic DNA Microsatellite Profiling
105 Shewale Validation of PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit for Extraction of Genomic DNA From Forensic Samples
106 Marjanovic Usage of the PowerPlex® S5 Mini-STR System in DNA Identification of Skeletal Remains From the Second World War
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